Benefits of Playing Golf-Improve Your Health & Be Smart Everyday

How can people get fresh air, exercise, and new friendships all at once? Lots of people today are eager to find forms of exercise that they can do on a regular basis. It's difficult for most people to motivate themselves to stay physically active. It's even more difficult for people to motivate themselves to get outside on a regular basis. Leisure activities and work activities have both moved indoors and life in general has followed. One of the least discussed aspects of professional adulthood is the fact that it is often difficult to make friends. Finding a common solution to all of these issues sounds like a dream. In fact, people can solve all of these problems at once by playing golf. The benefits of playing golf are just that extensive.

Things that People Need in Order to Get the Benefits of Playing Golf

1. A set of golf clubs

People do at least need a set of golf clubs in order to get the full benefits of golf. They don't have to be the best golf clubs in the world. No one needs these golf clubs to be top-of-the-line. However, they do still need to be sufficient for golf in the first place.

2. A golf course

Some places have rec centers that will offer people the opportunity to play golf for free. Other people will be able to use the guest passes and guest membership opportunities that their friends or relatives can provide. However, many other people will need to pay membership fees in order to enjoy everything associated with golf courses. However, these fees are usually not as high as some people might think. They will vary depending upon the golf course.

3. Golf buddies

People really aren't going to meet people on the golf course as often. It makes sense to go with people to begin with in most cases. While people might meet some strangers on the golf course and strike up some friendly conversation with them, this is less common today. People can choose golf buddies that they don't know very well. Through the course of golfing, it should be easier to actually get to know people. Once a golf group is formed, it typically expands. Some people will start to invite their friends, and it might be possible to develop a rotating golf group as a result.

4. Golf tutorials

Some people won't know how to play golf at first. Golf looks like it is fairly straightforward, and it is. However, like all sports, it really is a lot more complicated than it initially appears. People who look at golf tutorials online or elsewhere will be able to improve their game before they have one. This can make it that much easier to impress all of their friends when they are actually on the course. One of the benefits of playing golf in the first place is that it is intellectually challenging. This is an intelligent sport that can help people stay sharp throughout the course of their lives. The sooner that people start trying to hold onto their intellects, the better. It's the people who start early that stay smart forever.

5. Golf equipment

Pieces of golf equipment other than the clubs are less important. However, it is still a good idea for a lot of people to get it. For one thing, golf shoes will give people better balance. Shoes that are conducive to doing a lot of walking on a golf course are just as important. Golf is exercise. People need shoes that will allow them to get all of the benefits associated with exercise. Since they're going to be out in the hot sun, it's important to wear sunscreen as well. The benefits of wearing sunscreen really can't be stated enough. Wearing a hat for a golf day is also a good idea.

Getting the Benefits of Golf

Step One: Going to the golf course on a regular basis.

No one is going to be able to get a lot of benefits out of golf by only playing occasionally. The people who only play on holiday golf retreats won't be helping their health that much. It's hard to sustain or even create long-term friendships in that manner. However, the people who are at least able to golf once a week will get many of the health benefits. People who are able to go to the golf course twice a week or more will really be able to get all of the health benefits. It should also be easier for people to form strong friendships with their golf buddies the more that they actually go on the golf course.

Step Two: Don't use the golf cart.

Golf will still provide some exercise even for the people who plan on using the golf cart. However, ignoring the golf cart means spending a lot of time walking. People who want to spend more time getting fresh air will find it easier without the partial shelter of a golf cart in the first place. It's also much easier to socialize while walking than it is during the quick trips of a golf cart. A golf cart is for the people who are just there for the golf and not for the additional benefits. A golf cart is also there for the people who want to be as quick about it as possible. For the people who are trying to get exercise, friends, and fresh air, walking around the golf course makes more sense. Given the sheer size of a golf course, this is a good workout.

Step Three: Follow-up with friends after the golf day.

People who are trying to make friends should not just reserve their interactions with new people for their golf days. Of course, some people might want to do this. However, golf buddies who don't really hit it off should just find new golf buddies. They should not just try to make a friendship work when it won't. It's important to nurture friendships. For a lot of people, hanging out with golf buddies following a round of golf will really do the trick. Some people make some of the most important business connections of their lives on the golf course. Other people will have a lot of fun with their best friends there. One way or another, it works.


The benefits of playing golf are very difficult to underestimate. This is a sport that has helped people stay fit ever since it was invented. While there is plenty of skill involved with playing golf, it's easy enough that a lot of people will still be able to have fun with it even if they can never play like professionals. People don't need to be able to play like professionals in order to get all of the benefits of golf. Golf gives people plenty of exercise, fresh air, intellectual challenges, and new opportunities to socialize. All of these different factors are actually connected to a person's overall health, even if it doesn't always feel that way. People who try to golf on a regular basis will really be able to feel the health benefits on a regular basis.

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