10 Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2019 – Top Picks, Checked & Reviewed

Best golf shoes for walking

Overall, Golf is not a very active sport. Even though it does require plenty of skill, it’s a far cry from other activities such as running or swimming, or even other competitive sports. However, one thing that you do a lot of in golf is walk. While many people choose to drive around in golf carts to make the course easier to traverse, the fact is that you still have to plenty of walking during your game.

As such, you want to make sure that you’re wearing the best spikeless shoes or golf spikes for your feet. While golf shoes are meant to provide extra traction on the links, not all of them are designed with comfort in mind. In some cases, you could wind up with some incredibly sore feet after a full day on the course.

So, with that in mind, we are going to look at the best men’s and women’s golf shoes for walking. In this instance, we are valuing overall comfort and feel rather than style or traction. While those are also important, our primary goal is to help you find shoes that you can wear all day without any pain or tenderness. Not only will we look at the best models for walking, but we’ll also go over the most important features to consider when choosing a pair.


Golf Shoes For Walking - Comparison Table





Editor Rating


Adidas Golf Men's Tour 360 Boost

Synthetic and fabric

Fourteen colors and designs available


Adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0

Synthetic and Fabric

White, black, gray, and blue



Top Pick

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2

Leather and Synthetic

Eight colors and designs Available


Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe

Rubber sole




FootJoy Women's  Spikeless

Stylish leather

Black, blue, tan, red, white


Top 10 Best Golf Shoes For Walking - In Depth Reviews


As far as Adidas golf shoe brands go, none are quite as well known or respected as Adidas. Simply put, if you want an active shoe that is comfortable, stylish, and durable, then you can’t go wrong with a pair from this company. In this case, the Tech Response 4.0 combines all of the best features to create a high-quality golf shoe. When looking at the materials used for this model, you’ll see that it’s a blend of synthetics and fabric. Overall, it’s a modern shoe that is designed for warmer weather.

The upper sole has sections of mesh that allows air to flow through, keeping your feet cooler. The downside, of course, is that it will let water in, so we don’t recommend these for early mornings (dew) or wet conditions. As far as walking comfort goes, these are excellent for long distances as they come with a thick EVA midsole that provides cushioning and the right kind of support. If you have sensitive feet, then you may want to add some insoles for extra padding, but overall they are perfect for long distances.

On the bottom of the shoes are six Thintech cleats. They are made of thick rubber, and they provide impeccable traction on the grass. What makes them ideal, however, is that they are thinner than most other spikes, meaning that they are not as uncomfortable as some other models. If you want to walk on flat surfaces or grass, they will feel great regardless.

The placement of the cleats is such that they provide even support so that you don’t feel awkward while you walk. Finally, you can replace the spikes if they start to wear down or if they break.


  • Lightweight synthetic and fabric material
  • Breezy mesh upper allows for better airflow
  • Four color options available
  • White, black, gray, and blue
  • Thintech cleats for improved traction
  • Synthetic sole for added comfort


  • May feel tight and require a larger size
  • If they get wet, they may start to squeak


For the most part, golf shoes are not exactly rocket science. However, if you are interested in getting a pair that has been scientifically formulated to provide the best results possible, then you will get a kick out of the FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Spike (pun intended). Unlike most golf shoes, these are expertly engineered from heel to toe. It almost feels like they are too well designed for golfing.

There is a lot to unpack here, so we’ll just start from the top and work our way down. The upper sole is made of a proprietary FlexGrid material that conforms to your foot while also providing breathability. Not only that, but it’s also waterproof, making these shoes ideal for any weather conditions.The other cool thing about the upper is the modern design. If you want to pick a shoe that will stand out from the crowd, you can choose from a dozen remarkable colors that will make your outfit really pop.

As for the midsole, it has a few cool features that you will love. First, it has Fine Tuned Foam that provides excellent cushioning and support for your feet. Most golfers won’t need any extra insoles with these shoes. Not only that, but they have a heel optimized stabilizer that helps keep your foot in place, even while pivoting on your shot.

Finally, the bottom of the shoe has spikes, but they are built to provide both traction and versatility in movement. We mentioned above that one of the issues with spikes is that they can be restrictive in your foot placement. That is not the case with these shoes.Overall, these are probably the most sophisticated golf shoes you can find, period.


  • Synthetic golf shoe
  • Twelve colors and designs available
  • FlexGrid upper sole conforms to your foot
  • Sleek design enhances your form
  • Heel optimized stabilizer ensures that your feet don’t slip
  • Fine Tuned Foam 2.0 provides extra cushioning
  • Fast Twist System Cleats for better traction
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Waterproof material


  • Can be difficult to size correctly
  • Toe may pinch for some users


This next shoe is quite unique, in that it uses both advanced engineering and traditional methods to create a comfortable and ergonomic design. ECCO golf shoes is well known for making high-quality shoes, and the Biom Hybrid 2 is one of their best options yet.The upper sole of this model is made from both synthetic fibers and yak leather. Unlike cow leather, this material conforms better to your foot, making it far more comfortable and durable over time.

Not only that, but these shoes come with a biometric design that ensures that your feet feel great all day long. You get shock absorption in the heel and arch, meaning that you shouldn’t need any insoles with these shoes.As far as style goes, you can choose from eight different colors and designs, including black, gray, brown, and white. 

Finally, the upper is treated with Hydromax 2 technology so that your feet stay dry in almost all conditions. The only downside is that the yak leather may feel a bit tight and hot at times. On the bottom of these shoes is a spikeless outsole, but just because there are no cleats, doesn’t mean that you don’t get traction. There are plenty of treads on the outside to ensure that you don’t slip and fall while you’re out on the course. Overall, these shoes are expertly made and will provide you with years of comfort and reliability.


  • Leather and synthetic upper sole
  • Eight colors and designs available
  • Yak leather is used instead of cow
  • Spikeless outsole
  • BIOM system for better support and comfort
  • Provides shock absorption to your heel and arch
  • Conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Hydromax technology handles all weather


  • Thinner midsole may be uncomfortable for some users
  • In rare cases, the shoes may arrive damaged


For those who want a classic yet modern approach to their golf shoes, we present the Tour360 model from Adidas. Much like everything else that the company makes, these shoes are built with precision engineering and elegant style. You will look your best when you pick out a set that matches your golf outfit. Best of all, even though they look old school, they come with all of the modern refinements.

Starting with the upper sole, these shoes are made of high-quality leather. This means that they will feel a bit tight at first, but once you break them in, they will last for years. Not only do they use traditional leather, but they also have a proprietary 360Wrap system that conforms to the shape of your foot. Overall, they feel incredibly comfortable, but they can run a bit hot in the summertime.

As far as the midsole goes, it’s pretty standard, but these shoes do come with a full-length foam insole that provides extra cushioning and comfort while you walk. Not only that, but they have additional arch support so that your feet don’t get too sore after a full round.Finally, the bottom of the shoe uses Adidas’ proprietary Thintech cleats so that you get precise traction on the course. As we mentioned above, they are designed to work well both on grass and flat surfaces, making them an ideal choice for all weather conditions.

In the end, all of these features, coupled with the fact that there are fourteen different designs from which to choose, means that this is one incredible golf shoe.


  • Traditional style golf shoe
  • Durable leather construction
  • Thick rubber sole for support and comfort
  • Fourteen colors and designs available
  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • 360Wrap conforms to your foot
  • Full-length boost foam midsole for cushioning
  • Thintech cleats for traction on the course


  • In some cases, the shoes may squeak
  • Leather may take a while to break in


If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish, and comfortable shoe, then Skechers has you covered. This brand is mostly known for making high-quality tennis shoes, but it turns out that they can make a mean golf model as well. While this pair is not quite as sophisticated as other ones that we’ve seen, they are more than capable of handling any golf course you may encounter.

Being modern golf shoes, the upper sole is made out of synthetic material. It also is ventilated so that your feet can breathe.Remarkably, though, even with the ventilation these shoes are water resistant, making them ideal for early morning games as well.We don’t recommend them for wet weather, but they will do just fine in most other conditions.

As far as style goes, you can pick out one of four different color schemes. There’s white, brown, two types of black (with various outsoles), and gray. Overall, they are elegant in their simplicity but don’t expect to turn any heads.The midsole is rather simplistic, but it does come with Skechers’ proprietary 5Gen foam. This provides some extra cushioning and support for your arch and heel, making them ideal for long walks to the next hole or back to the club.

Finally, unlike the others that we’ve seen so far, the outsole of these shoes are spikeless. Nonetheless, they still have decent traction on most surfaces, so you shouldn’t have any problems unless you are on particularly slippery terrain.


  • Modern style golf shoe
  • Synthetic and fabric material
  • Thick rubber outsole for support
  • Five color options available
  • Brown, white, black (x2), and gray
  • Water resistant material
  • Ventilated upper for better airflow
  • Non-spiked design
  • Traction is ideal for all terrain
  • 5Gen lightweight foam for comfort


  • Sizing these shoes may be difficult for some users
  • In rare cases, the outer sole may start to crack


As we’ve already seen with the Men’s shoes above.It is something quite unique from ECCO. While most of the models on this list are made of leather or synthetics, this one has an intricately woven upper that uses textiles to make a shoe that fits like nothing else. The fabric conforms to your foot similarly to leather, but it’s much more breathable and comfortable.One thing that we like about this shoe is that it is stylish. The woven patterns stand out from other designs, and you can get it in bright, cheery colors such as pink or lime green.

The best thing about the woven material, however, is that it is treated to be water resistant, so you can feel comfortable without worrying about your feet getting wet. It has a patented Hydromax layer to repel water and keep it weatherproof. It also makes cleaning much easier.

As far as the interior goes, this shoe comes with a thick leather insole that provides both support and cushioning. There is a thick rubber outsole, which also comes with a unique tread pattern so that you can get ideal traction. Even though it’s still not as good as having spikes, it’s pretty close. Overall, if you want a pair of golf shoes that you can wear anytime and anywhere, these are a perfect option for you.


  • Modern golf shoe
  • Leather and textile design
  • Three chic color options
  • Lime green, pink, and white
  • Thick rubber outsole for support
  • Hybrid design is part tennis shoe/part golf shoe
  • Leather comfort interior
  • Hydromax coating to resist water and weather
  • Knitted upper conforms to your foot
  • Hybrid technology outsole for improved grip
  • Spikeless design


  • Sizing can be tricky for some users
  • Not ideal for slippery terrain


Along with Adidas, Skechers has made a point to craft some truly awesome footwear for women out on the golf course. If you are leaning towards this brand, we recommend choosing this model over the one above. The reason for that is because these shoes are built for walking and comfort, with some extra features to make them ideal for golfing as well. Simply put, if you want to avoid pain and soreness, these are going to be perfect for you.

The materials used for these modern golf shoes are high-quality leather and textile, making them durable and long lasting. You can choose between five different color options, including hot pink, navy, and black. Overall, if you want to stand out on the course with some eye-popping color, Skechers has you covered.

Along with the supreme comfort, these shoes come with some incredible bonus features. First, you get a soft fabric lining so that they don’t rub too hard against your feet. Second, they come with a breezy upper mesh that allows for airflow and keeps you cool. Third, they have a thick insole that provides support and cushioning while you walk. Finally, the inside is treated to be antimicrobial so that you can avoid odors over time.

The other cool thing about these shoes is that they are engineered for easier walking, utilizing adaptive technology and designs to help you get the most out of your stride. The only downside to these shoes is that they don’t repel water very well, and they don’t come with spikes. However, since none of these models are spiked, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.


  • Modern golf shoe
  • Leather and textile materials
  • Five color options available
  • Black, tan, hot pink, navy, and gray
  • Breezy mesh upper for better airflow
  • Soft fabric lining for extra comfort
  • Goga mat energy insole for support
  • Resagrip spikeless outsole
  • Antimicrobial to reduce odor
  • High-performance technology for easier walking


  • Sizes run a bit short
  • May lose traction on wet surfaces
  • Not very waterproof


As you will notice, shoe manufacturers usually don’t put spikes on women’s models for some reason, so if you are looking to get the ultimate traction while out on the course, you will have to do some extra digging. Nonetheless, not having spikes does make these shoes a lot more comfortable for walking, so it’s a bit of a trade off.As far as these shoes are concerned, they are about as traditional as you can get (sans spikes),so if you are opting for a more classical look, this is a great way to go.

The whole thing is made of real leather, which not only conforms to your foot (after you break it in) but will repel water automatically.The other nice thing about this model is that you can pick out your favorite color, including, red, white, and blue. Overall, you can instantly upgrade your golfing outfit with these sleek and stylish shoes.

The outsole of this shoe is decent and provides sufficient traction for most golfing environments. If you are playing right after a storm or after the sprinklers have been on, you may slip a little bit, but overall they feel pretty secure. We also like the fact that the shoe has a low side wall, meaning that you can wear ankle socks with them and not worry about rubbing or chafing. Finally, these shoes are pretty lightweight, so they are much better for walking than most other traditional models.


  • Traditional golf shoe
  • Stylish leather upper
  • Five color options available
  • Black, blue, tan, red, white
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • Spikeless design
  • Thick treads for better traction
  • Water-resistant material
  • Low top silhouette for ankle socks
  • Casual and lightweight design


  • May run a bit tight for some users
  • Not ideal for wet or slippery surfaces


As we’ve seen already, Adidas is a remarkable company when it comes to golf shoes. Although most people think of soccer, they are more than capable of crafting high-quality footwear for both men and women out on the course. In this case, we have a sleek, modern golf shoe that provides some extra style along with the padding and comfort.Looking at the upper, it’s made of a combination of synthetic and fabric materials. 

It has mesh sections so that your feet can breathe,and the whole thing is treated with Climaproof technology so that you don’t have to worry about the weather while you’re hitting the links. Overall, they are a perfect all-year shoe, provided that you don’t take them out in a thunderstorm or anything.As with all of the women’s golf shoes we’ve seen, these don’t come with spikes. Nonetheless, they still have remarkable traction as they come with thick outer lugs. They are designed to work almost like spikes, but without the gripping power.

We like these shoes because they are super comfortable and stylish. You can choose one of five different color options, including purple, black, and white. Also, they come with a thick TPU layer for arch support, and they have a low profile side wall so that you can wear them with ankle socks.


  • Modern golf shoe
  • Synthetic and fabric materials
  • Mesh upper with Climaproof protection
  • Lightweight and breezy design
  • External TPU layer for stability and comfort
  • Spikeless outsole for more flexibility
  • Five color options available
  • Blue, purple, black, gray, and white
  • Thick outsole lugs for better traction
  • Low profile design for ankle socks
  • Water resistant material
  • Excellent arch support


  • Not made for slippery terrain
  • Lighter colors may stain easily
  • Arch support can be a bit too stiff for some users


Our Final golf shoe is Skechers.It is an excellent brand for comfort and breathability. The same is true of this pair of women’s shoes, which are lightweight, stylish, and come with extra cushioning to make walking even more enjoyable.They are breathable to keep your feet cooler in the summer, and they are water resistant,making them ideal for early morning games.You can also pick between three different color schemes: gray, navy, and black.

As for the midsole, these shoes come with a Resalyte insert that resembles memory foam. This means that you get extra cushioning and support for your heels and arches that will keep your feet from getting sore. The shoes also have a low profile design so that if you wear them with ankle socks, they won’t rub against the skin.

Finally, the outsole is made with thick rubber and excellent treads. These shoes are spikeless, but you still get decent traction on all terrains and conditions. Overall, these are some good shoes for warmer weather.


  • Modern style golf shoe
  • Synthetic and textile construction
  • Three color options available
  • Gray, navy, and black
  • Thick rubber outsole for support and comfort
  • Extra lightweight and breathable
  • Resalyte midsole for added cushioning
  • Resagrip spikeless outsole for traction
  • Low profile design works well with ankle socks
  • H2Go shield provides water resistance


  • Insole can get warped and stinky from sweat and moisture
  • Heel may not be thick enough for some users

How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes For Walking

As far as picking out the right kind of shoes for your feet, golf shoes are not terribly different than anything else you may wear. That being said, there are some specific features and components that are particular to these kinds of shoes, so it’s important that you understand how they work together to create the best fit and traction while out on the course.

Finding the Right Size

First and foremost, this is going to be your initial step when picking out the best rated golf shoes. However, what’s important to note here is that most brands will feel a bit smaller than your normal footwear, so you have to plan for that. Also, depending on the material, it may take a while for you to break them in, so even if they feel a little bit tight at first, they may become more comfortable the longer you wear them.

For the most part, you want to make sure that you have enough room in the toe to wiggle around a little bit, and you want a shoe that doesn’t pinch or poke your foot anywhere, as that will cause blisters or sores after a full day on the links.


When looking at different brands and models of golf shoes, there are generally two styles from which to choose. Obviously, there is some variation between companies and manufacturers, but for the most part, they stick to the same kind of aesthetic. In this case, you can pick between a traditional or a modern look. Let’s see what each style has to offer.


If you want to look your best on the course, then this type of shoe may be for you. These models are usually made of leather and have a more elegant and refined design to them. However, they are not exactly the most comfortable for a long day on the course, so you are essentially choosing style over everything else.

The benefit of going with a traditional shoe, though, is that they are usually built much better than modern versions. This means that they will last a lot longer, and they can handle different kinds of environments better. Also, many varieties are best waterproof golf shoes, making them even more versatile.


You can tell a modern golf shoe based on the material and the coloring. Usually, these models will be made of lightweight synthetic materials so that they are more breathable and comfortable. In many cases, you can pick a color that matches your outfit, rather than the traditional white, black, or brown.

Overall, the best reason to get a modern golf shoe is that they are built with comfort in mind, making them much better for full days of walking on uneven terrain. You can also find modern shoes with waterproof protection as well, making them a viable option for any weather or conditions.

Golf Sandals

There is actually a third type of shoe that you can find for golfing; the golf sandal. These are designed to be much more breezy and comfortable in hot weather, but they don’t provide as much protection. Overall, if you want something a bit more casual and you aren’t worried about getting burns on your feet, then a sandal could be a good choice. However, they are usually not designed for heavy duty playing, so don’t bring them out if you plan on taking on the whole course or if you are competing.

Wearing with Socks

Another thing to consider when picking out the right style is the kind of socks you plan to wear on the course. In most cases, golfers like to wear the ankle high versions as they are more comfortable. However, what can happen sometimes is that the shoe will be taller than the sock, meaning that it can rub against your ankle while you walk. If that happens, you will either have to start wearing taller socks or trade in for lower cut shoes.

Which Golf Shoe Is Most Comfortable For The Time of Year?

If you’re a dedicated golfer, then you most likely will hit the links regardless of the season, meaning that you experience the terrain in all weather conditions. As such, you may want to get different pairs of shoes for the various times of year so that you can get the best results whenever you’re out on the course. For example, during the hot summer months, a modern shoe with a breezy mesh upper will be ideal, while a traditional spiked waterproof model will be perfect for the wet season.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Wearing Spikes

One of the most unique aspects of golf shoes is the fact that some of them have spikes on the sole. Back in the day, these were made of metal, but since they tore up the grass, all new models are made of plastic. When picking out the right pair for you, it’s important to determine if spikes are necessary. Here are the pros and cons of having them on your shoes.


They provide better traction, particularly on hills and wet grass
Help prevent your ankles from rolling on uneven terrain


May restrict your ability to pivot while you drive 
May not be as comfortable when walking long distances

Overall, we recommend spikes if you plan on play on wet surfaces or if your course has a lot of hills. Otherwise, you’d be better off sticking with standard traction shoes. In dry conditions, spikeless golf shoes models still provide plenty of stability, and they are usually much more comfortable for long walks.

Why Wear A Pair Of Spikeless Golf Shoes & Why It's More Comfortable ?

Just like any other sport, golf requires that you have a special type of pair of shoes for you to play the game well. Golf shoes have become extremely famous in the recent times now that more people continue to take an interest in golf. While the availability of many brands of golf shoes is a good thing, it presents with its dilemmas. For instance, you can walk into a store today and get both spiked and spikeless pairs of golf shoes. Which one do you opt for? The spiked golf shoes or the spikeless? I have been through the same situation and from experience; I give you my reasons why I also prefer spikeless golf shoes to the spiked ones.

Benefits Of  Spikeless Golf Shoes

Suit most terrains

Looking at the game of golf, you will only require golfing shoes to walk and not play the game itself. Most of the terrains where people play professional golf are almost flat meaning spikeless golf shoes will do the trick just fine. The main purpose of having spiked shoes is to provide better grip when playing. In golf, you might not need proper grips that much. Spikeless golf shoes, therefore, have the edge over the spiked ones on this front. 


Taking a random example, most people where flat and spikeless shoes while undertaking their daily activities because they offer more comfort. Can you imagine a world where people walked in spiked shoes around town? In the same case, golf is a game that entails much of walking. If anything, a golfer can walk up to six kilometers before reaching his first goal. For these long walks, spikeless golf shoes offer more comfort and support to your feet as compared to the spiked ones. 

The design of the spikeless shoes is what makes them more amazing. With the growth in technology, the shoes have upper parts that are lighter, their midsoles are well cushioned, and the main soles are more durable and comfortable when walking. Who does not like comfort? Moreover, the spikeless golf shoes are more breathable thereby enhancing further comfort. 

Available in many designs & colors

If you take a walk in the stores selling golf shoes, you will notice that the spikeless brands are available in more designs and colors just because of their popularity. The many designs mean that you have many options to choose and you can pick a color that appeals to you most. 


Spikeless golf shoes are more versatile as compared to the spiked ones. You can use the spikeless shoes to walk in the house, jog or conduct other physical activity. The statement may not be true for the spiked golf shoes. 

When looking for comfortable golf shoes, opting for the spikeless ones is probably a good idea. The shoes provide more support, are versatile, and they come in numerous designs. For a normal golf ground with a terrain that does not require more traction, spikeless golf shoes will always come out on top.

Final Verdict

Based on the best walking golf shoes for men's & women's reviews ,we picked Top brands For you.

For the men, our prime selection has to be the ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe Shoe. We love the fact that it comes with such high-tech features and components, making it one of the most versatile and rewarding shoes you can own.The shoes have modern look & its comforts performs excellently, Although Ecco also creates some extravagant shoes, these took the cake in our eyes.

As for the women, we would love ECCO Women's Casual Hybrid Sport Golf Shoe .Its Comfortable & Modern Golf shoe. if there were a pair that had spikes (or at least the option of spikes), we have to say that we prefer the Skechers Performance Golf 2 Lynx Shoe over the rest. This model is designed for walking first, and golf second, so you can’t do much better than that when talking about most comfortable golf shoes and reliability.

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