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Do you know everything that you need to know about being a skilled golf player? Or, do you need further instructions on how to play this game successfully, specifically when it comes to competing with your peers and other associates? Even though this game may appear to be simple for only those with natural skills and abilities, it’s not uncommon for a golfer to become much better over time by using a wide diversity of techniques and strategies that many of the top professional golfers use today. Therefore, for those of you who are looking to increase your skills, knowledge and your expertise, here are some great recommendations that will explain how to be a better golfer.

1. Practice Practice and Practice Again

Does it look like the word ‘practice’ has been used too many times? Well, I think not. This is because no one can express how much practice is really needed for most golfers to become better at their craft. In fact, the best professionals in the golfing industry can also attest to the fact that their game could only get better if they practiced to become an expert. It is also with this consistent attitude that many have improved their game significantly. Specifically, when they have taken advantage of using different techniques at the driving range, on the golf course, at the office and even in their own homes.

More importantly, you can become much better at what you do when you change your overall approach to seek out improving your short game, long drives as well as your own personal approach. This is because when you are in a continuous practice mode, you will have an opportunity to learn specific skills that lead you into many winning streaks. From swinging fluidly and fast to holding the golf club correctly with the right posture and distance, there is a lot that you can learn in the summer months as well as in off seasons like the winter.

How to Be a Better Golfer

2. Work on your putting skills

Every aspect of golfing is important so nothing should be left up to chance. Therefore, when you begin to practice, there are some skills that you will need to progress from one level to another. One of the more essential for both newbies and veteran golfers alike involves getting better with the short game. In fact, most professionals will agree that one of the fastest ways of improving your score is to practice on your short game. Specifically, if the time that you spend practicing is limited. In this case or situation, the best way to spend your time is perfecting putting instead of hitting long balls. Here’s a few basic tips in maximizing the time that you spend in learning this technique.

Place 10 of your golf balls in a circle, by positioning them 3 feet from the hole. Once each ball is in its proper place, you can expedite the shots that you take by moving around the circle with each ball. This set up will give you an opportunity to try to sink each of golf ball one at a time. To perfect this method, it is best to sink all 10 putts in a row. However, whenever you miss one of the putts, you should start this same practice routine over again, until you eliminate the possibility of missing one ball.

Getting better at all cost is the name of the game. So, every minute that can be dedicated to this practice routine is important. So, for those of you who want to gain the greatest benefits, you should set aside at least p 15 minutes each day to this kind of practice. One of the primary reasons for using this practice technique is to become so much better that it builds up your confidence in this area.

3. Set some time at the Golf Course Alone

How to become a better golf player is not only for those who are committed to spending the extra hours practicing wherever they can, it will also take some sacrifice too. So, even though you may feel like the only way to really get better is to call in some real competitors to play with, this is not the only way to become the better player. Typically, those who take out the time to go to the course by themselves to play can increase their game significantly. This is because the weekly game is not always as beneficial to you as doing it all alone. In fact, it is really an excellent way to get some live practice in, even if you are at the golf course for only a few holes at a time.

Additionally, with no one else around, you can play several golf balls on the same hole in order to perfect your own technique. Most professionals who use these kinds of practice sessions will also begin to figure out how far the golf ball can be hit by using different types of clubs. Meaning this is an excellent time and way to identify and correct imperfections. Also, to alleviate the possibilities of throwing away shots, you should make sure that you have a range finder available, specifically in order to get an accurate yardage.

One of the primary concerns, however, when taking the time to explore and perfect your own golfing skills, is being mindful of other players that may be coming up behind you. By being aware of what’s going around in the immediate area, you can avoid getting in the way or holding up others on the golf course.

4. Stay Physically Fit for the Game

Even though golf looks like it is basically made for skills only, most professionals golfers will tell you that this game requires the golfer to be healthy and fit. So, for those you who want to make sure that you are following through with all of the guidelines and recommendations that make up a better enhanced and improved game, you will need to watch your physical fitness closely too. For instance, it is not uncommon for a golfer to take out 30 seconds to stretch before they begin the process of teeing off. Even though they may think that this time is more than enough for this non-contact sport, it’s really not. In fact, for those of you who are serious golf players, you may find that a full daily stretching routine will improve your game significantly. Here’s a list of the benefits of stretching, as it relates to being the better golf player.

More Flexibility

Based on the type of golf swing required, the golfer may need more flexibility to make the shot. For instance, if the golfer needs to set-up a long range shot that requires them to put as much power behind the golf ball as possible, they usually need the entire upper body to do it. Therefore, the upper body strength and flexibility required to make these kinds of shots is not a luxury, but a necessity for being effective.

Avoid Injuries

As previously stated, stretching is really not a luxury, but a necessity for those who play golf. So, in addition to providing players with more flexibility, it is also used to avoid unnecessary injuries to certain parts of the body.

Further, based on information published by Ben Shear (fitness guru) in Golf Digest, the workouts that apply to the best golfers usually involve lots of extra core strength exercises and programs. Meaning for those of you who want to increase your chances of adding more distance to your golf swing, these exercises can do wonders to get you started. For instance, every shot that a golfer takes while on the course will add up. Therefore, in these situations, the golfer that does not build up their strength can expect to lose their leverage with others that do. For instance, the lesser fit golfer can expect to miss the green as much as 25 to 50

percent more than those who take the extra time out to prepare for physical fitness in advance.

5. Leave no stone unturned – Always Check and Maintain Your Equipment

If you are looking to be a better golfer, you will need to consider all factors that relate to this game. Especially, if you want to make sure that you have access to everything that you need to be successful with your efforts. So, one of the most important considerations is checking and maintaining the equipment that you use on a regular basis. For instance, are you playing with a driver that has been endorsed by Ben Hogan in the past? Or, are using a club with all of the grooves on the wedges worn all of the way down. In either case, you may be a candidate for an upgrade or it will make or break your game. In short, if this is true, the game that you play can be severely compromised, and it will not matter if you have the skills and the expertise to be the best.

6. Watch golf on television - Evaluate and Imitate

Watching golf on television is an excellent way to become a better golfer. By watching professional golfers on the tube, you will have a chance to inspect and evaluate the different techniques and strategies used. In specific, the techniques that make them successful in their craft. In addition to watching these games, you may want to record these games so that they can be played back on demand, over and over again. Recording these games will give you a chance to take notes so that you can either duplicate or practice the skills until they have been perfected.

These shows will also present other prospective professional golfers with the knowledge that they need to be better. For instance, a novice golfer can pay close attention to what kind of shot that the professional used along with the type of club selected (i.e. the putter, the wedge or the driver). For instance, each professional player has a routine that they follow prior to making their shot. This pre-shot routine is often ritualistic in nature. So, you will have a chance to spot how they are selecting their club, checking the direction of the wind and how they are visualizing what needs to be done to make that perfect shot happen every time.

7. Track Your Stats

Tracking your stats is needed for a number of different reasons. These numbers will not only show how you are getting better, but may also tell why your score is improving. It may be due to improvement in putting skills or the progress made with long range shots. Whatever the situation, you will need to know the who, what, why, and where to become the best that you can be. Fortunately, the latest technologies on the market can assist you with this kind of tracking, especially since there are golf stat apps that can be downloaded for your personal use.


How to be a better golfer is a topic that many novice and veteran golfers have a huge interest in today. So, for those of you who are interested in what you can do to improve your overall skills in this game, it is important to note that there are many different things that you can do to enhance the skills and expertise that you possess. Some of the more notable and most effective include devising a good practice plan that can be used as a daily or weekly routine, setting aside some practice time to perfect your putting skills, scheduling time on the golf course to play a few holes alone, staying physically fit to maximize your strength for hitting long range shots, watching professional golfers play on TV to evaluate, and tracking your stats for improvement and opportunities to identify and correct weaknesses in the game. All of which are needed and can be used successfully to become a better golfer.

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