How To Clean Leather Golf Gloves – Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Leather Golf Gloves

Just like anything else, the durability and the services that our leather golf gloves give us depends mainly on how well we look after them. Most people believe in a misconception that leather clothing and gloves cannot be washed. However, leather gloves can actually be washed in water and in this article, we will give you a step by step guide on how to perfectly clean and look after your gloves. Read on this very informative piece and learn how to take care of your golfing tools!

Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Gloves

1. Just after finishing the playing session, clean off or eliminate the dirt that has accumulated on your glove. Please note that, after each playing session, your gloves will have accrued sand or grass particles. Failing to remove this dirt immediately may make it hard for you to eliminate it later since it will have hardened. The best way to remove this dirt is by using a damp or slightly wet cloth to wipe the dust off. You should then use a dry piece of fabric to rub it off. Doing this every day will buy you more time, and you won’t need to replace your glove from time to time. 

2. If you have just bought a new glove, you need to check for any blemishes or markings as a result of your grip. In most cases, you will come across dirt on the palm and fingers of your golf glove. This could be an indication that you need to change or adjust how you hold your club as you take the swing. To eliminate this dirt and blemishes, it is critical that you dip a rag or a piece of clothing in slightly hot water and then use this rag to wipe off the accumulated dirt.

Ensure that you use some soap or the right detergent when doing this. It is also essential that you check on your grip the next time you take that swing. This will help prevent more abrasions and damages on your glove.

3. In other instances, you will have to take drastic measures especially when more permanent dirty has accumulated on your glove. There is a common belief in people that leather materials should not be washed with water. However, this is just a misconception, and you should actually dunk your dirty gloves in warm and soapy water to eliminate these layers of dirt. Try to rub the gloves against each other or your hands to loosen the dirt.

After you are satisfied, you should then squeeze your gloves to try and eliminate all the water. Remember that the shape of your gloves may be interfered with during this process and it is, therefore, critical that you use your hands to try and get them into their usual look. After this, let your gloves dry naturally.

4. After your gloves have fully dried, you can now use them. Please note that it is normal for a leather glove to harden a little after drying, so this should not alarm you. Furthermore, your body will release a significant amount of moisture and warmth, and this will help in loosening your gloves. In critical situations, or when your gloves refuse to loosen, you can always use some Lexol to get it back to normal. However, don’t use too much of this Lexol as just a small amount will suffice.

Pro tips

Washing your leather gloves should not be a complicated process. However, you need to employ some tips to ensure that you get the best out of this process. Remember that your gloves protect you as you take your swing, and it is, therefore, critical that you look after them to ensure that they serve you well. In this section, we share with you some of the tips that you should use when washing your gloves:

  • Oily soap- When cleaning your gloves, try to use some oily solvents to eliminate the stains and dirt from the outside. One of the best soaps that you can use is the saddle soap. Also, instead of using the water, try to make more use of the soap bubbles.
  • Microfiber cloth- Immediately after drying your gloves, it is essential that you polish them. The best thing to use when doing this is a microfiber clothing.
  • Baking soda and cornstarch- After washing your gloves, you will need to eliminate not only the oils but also the smell. The best thing to use to eliminate the smell is the baking soda while the corn-starch can be used to remove the oils.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol- Although most people concentrate on the outer dirt, it is critical that you take care of the inside part of your gloves as well. Remember that germs and bacteria might accumulate on the inside part of your gloves, and it is, therefore, necessary that you disinfect them. The best way to do this is by using some hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Keeping your leather golf gloves clean and in good condition is not a choice. Just like anything else, gloves need to be taken care of if they are to give you excellent and long services. I have seen many people wondering how to take care of their gloves and I thought it important that I compile this list as it might help someone out there. If you take all the above points seriously, you should never have problems again when it comes to washing your leather gloves.

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