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How to Make an Indoor Mini Golf Course

Are you a golf fan? Do you enjoy playing golf when you are free? If your answer is yes, you need to make a mini golf course indoors. It will help you have fun with your family. Making this golf course at your home is a great way to play any time you wish. Even if none of you is an athlete, you will take pleasure in the challenge of crafting and designing the mini-golf course. It is not just fun but also easy for everyone.

Things you need 

Before we share how to make an indoor mini golf course, you need to know things you need and have them ready. Most of the items are things you have in your home, and therefore you might not need to go the store to purchase them. 

  • Huge plastic cups for use on every hole
  • Cartons
  • Container
  • Books for incline
  • Musical gadgets
  • Oatmeal jug
  • Food tins for use as obstacles
  • Pen and paper
  • Masking string
  • Golf ball fitting items
  • Candy or gum
  • Small or golf balls
  • Scorecards not a must
  • Chalk
  • Golf putters
  • Golf shoes 

The time it will take you to prepare for this will be based on how detailed you want the course to be. It can be 15 or 30 or 45 minutes.

Preparation Time 

15-45 minutes, depending on how elaborate you make your course. Now that you know the items you need let’s get to work.

Pro tips to make your indoor mini golf course 

Draw the course 

Designing the course without any idea in mind is daunting. But it is good to start by coming up with the course design. Consider also to share your ideas with a family member. Discuss all the mini golf courses you have taken part in and the holes that you took pleasure in playing. The best thing to do is to try and draw some picture of the initial course design and discover how to utilize the materials in your house to create them. You may make it simple, but it won’t be wrong if you decide to make it elaborate as well.

You need to make the course exciting and gathering all things that will help you achieve this will be great. Get a container that can have a ball fitting in, books that can be utilized on inclines and stuffed animal furnishings. Don’t forget to have your nine cups to use for the holes.

Pick the course 

With several stuffed animal, you can make a putt-putt zoo. The animals will take the place of obstacles for each hole. You can play all you want if there is enough space in your home. This type, of course, is tropical forest themed. The good thing about stuffed creatures is that you may use them as obstacles and decorations for every course.

When you have huge stuffed bear, the players can putt through the legs of the beat to reach the hole. Another thing is to have the player produce the noise of that animal you are using as the obstacle. Playing all over the home is a go-getting and artistic course to create. The best section is that you can designate a theme to every room.

Make the holes and put obstacles 

Use the painter’s tape to secure your cup (nine of them) in place just about the rooms that you have chosen for your course. You may use the items we collected to make the holes. For example, use an empty carton of soda to make a channel. Try to cut each side using scissors and create an opening that is huge enough to allow the ball to go through. Then stick to a concrete floor with the painter’s sticky tape.

Make an incline with a book rested on a musical device. The ball will go up the slope and above the devices to make an entertaining sound when it is hit appropriately ahead of arriving at the hole. 

You may also use food cans as obstructions the kitchen to make an entertaining food subject. 

Beautify holes using the toys such as toy tanks and soldiers for a war subject. 

When it comes to making holes, your creativity matters a lot. Exercise your artistic capability by creating a wall using cups, toys, as well as books. Leave an opening that can only let the ball to go through it and reach the cup.

Make your course appealing by putting the stuffed or beautiful animal at every hole. Consider to also add some taste to the course by having the players to produce the sound made by the animal or say something regarding the animal. 

You can also have them spell your anima’s name.

If you want to make the course complex, cutting a hole in the base of one of the cups where the golfers will send the ball through will not be a bad idea.

Get the equipment 

It doesn’t matter what type of putters you are using in your mini golf course. But it is necessary to ensure that they are safe and suitable for every player within the home. Plastic pieces are ideal for the young players. If possible, consider buying attractive golf balls from a store near you. 

The scores 

It is obvious there will be scores. Get an appealing scorecard online or use a paper and a pen to record them. You may mark every attempt every player takes to complete every hole. Just to let you know, the winning individuals should have the lowest score.


Having a mini golf course indoors is all fun. You don’t enjoy it, but you get to play with your kids and all the family members. Each one you gets to show his creativity by suggesting new ideas about the course. For instance, you may want to treat the golfers with a snack at every hole. It will make it enjoyable and the right way to spend time with your family. Did you enjoy reading this? If you did, please remember to share with your network and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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