Welcome! My name is Jennifer Collins. I'm the administrator for Golf Bee. I have a great deal of experience in the golf world from many different vantage points. I have been a golfing hobbyist for some time, as well as a person who has sold golf equipment and who has taught golf at various points. I started this site after trying to research teaching materials online that students could use, only to find that many of them were less than satisfactory. Dedicated golfers deserve better, and I set out to create something that was going to make a difference for them.

Along with many of the staff members of Golf Bee, I'm interested in being able to share my experience and knowledge with other people who love golf and who want to be able to approach this intelligent and complicated sport from a different perspective. The margins are narrow in golf, and small equipment changes can make all the difference.

People who are interested in golf have the right to get the best possible golf resources that are out there, and these are difficult to find on the Internet. Many people are going to talk about golf and golf accessories without really knowing anything about them. Other people are going to be trying to find the best possible resources, but they are not going to know where to look in some cases. Here, visitors are only going to find quality golf reviews, tutorials, and guides.

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Our website focuses on golf and golf accessories as well. Our product categories have been relatively specialized up until recently. We are working on expanding in order to make sure that we are able to represent the full scope of the golfing niche, with a wide range of different golf accessories from many different brands. We are also interested in really representing the golf world as a whole. The golf world is a live and active one and it is going to keep on changing. We want to make sure that we are able to incorporate all of those transitions in order to give people an accurate portrayal of the golf world of today.

Our posts are going to consist of reviews, including product reviews of golf accessories. We also have golf tutorials that people will be able to access in order to learn more about the sport and about the potential moves that are going to make them better golfers. These tutorials include video guides and written guides, so people are able to access the information in different ways.

All golf enthusiasts can benefit from what we're offering here. The people who are aspiring to be golf enthusiasts and the people who are just interested in learning more about golf should also be able to get a lot out of what's available here. We certainly encourage feedback related to our website. If there is anything else that we can do in order to better help our visitors, we would love to make the associated changes.