7 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Reviews 2019 – The Unbiased Buyer’s Guide

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Since roughly 2010, more pro golfers yearly are making the switch from traditional spike golf shoes to newer spikeless golf shoes. The reasons behind this trend toward spikeless over spike golf shoes vary by play style and player preferences, but in most cases there are just a few underlying factors that motivate pros to choose spikeless golf shoes For walking & Playing over more traditional spikes. On many courses, pro players find that spikeless golf shoe designs now offer comparable traction both on courses with steeper inclines and even on courses where the grounds are soft and wetter than average.

Spikes still have the clear traction advantage on particularly damp turf, or on courses with particularly steep lays, but the comfort and versatility of spikeless shoes combined with their advanced traction technology are starting to make them the preferred shoe for many pros who prefer not to have to switch up footwear once they arrive at the first tee or the final hole of the game.

Are you considering going spikeless? Here are some points to ponder regarding whether or not to make the switch, as well as some tips for choosing the best spikeless golf shoes and several product reviews of spikeless golf shoes I’ve assembled to help you choose that perfect pair. Take a look at what I’ve got for you.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes - Comparison Table 




Editor Rating


ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2

Leather and Synthetic


Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2

Flywire & Nikeskin


Top Pick

ECCO Men's Cage Pro

Leather and Synthetic


Men's Footjoy Pro SL

ChromoSkin leather


adidas Men's Crossknit

Synthetic & Circle knit


Puma Men's Ignite

Textile and Synthetic


Top 7 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes - In Depth Reviews


ECCO started making this line of running shoes in 2006, taking their inspiration from the barefoot runners of Africa. The term BIOM is an acronym of sorts for “BIOMechanical optimization”, indicating the primary focus of their shoe design and technology to enhance your foot’s natural ability to move as naturally as if you were wearing no shoes at all. BIOM shoes help guide your feet as you walk to activate the built-in shock absorbers as you move, providing greater comfort when walking or standing for extended periods of time.

Keeping your feet low to the ground and maintaining a glove-like fit both provide exceptional ground feel during play, and the shock absorbent polyurethane material is injection molded into the sole to reduce weight and keep every step feeling like you are walking lightly on air.Most players absolutely love the light feel of ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2s, and their performance while playing in terms of traction and feel is exceedingly comfortable, provided you get fitted with exactly the right size for your feet.

 In terms of water resistance and durability, BIOM Hybrid 2 golf shoes keep the wet out and hold up exceptionally well over time, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch to spikeless shoes without sacrificing performance or comfort.


  • Biomechanical optimization design creates exceptional comfort
  • Traction performance is solid on most terrain
  • Water resistance and durability are excellent
  • Additional stability structure around the midsole and heel keep feet and ankles stable
  • Injection TPU bonded upper and sole
  • Glove-like fit for ultimate comfort.


  • Some players may find the low-to-the-ground design takes some getting used to in terms of balance
  • The natural arch support may not be sufficient


Sporting a newly redesigned look (Swoosh on the side instead of the toe), and an updated sole for improved traction, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 Golf Shoes fit and feel great right out of the box with little to no “break in” period.

The most important innovation added to these for Vapor 2 model is the latest evolution of Nike’s patented Articulated Integrated Traction (AIT). The chief complaint regarding spikeless golf shoes is that they offer inferior traction and stability on wet turf and in rainy conditions.

To counteract this problem, Nike retooled their AIT to provide better wet traction and stability while still maintaining the high standard of both comfort and quality that Nike golfers have come expect from the brand.

Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2s are not only much more stable on the links than their predecessors, but they are also provide excellent water resistance and breathability. This means whether its hot and sunny or gray and rainy, your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long. Generally, these spikeless golf shoes are a good choice for anyone who has a pre-existing preference for Nike athletic footwear. For those interested in a comfortable spikeless shoe that provides superior performance for both interior ankle stability and exterior traction/grip, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 Golf Shoes may just be your new favorite.


  • Superior wet turf and incline traction
  • Excellent breathability and water resistance
  • TPU heel and midsol supports help lock ankles into the best form during your swing.
  • Ultra lightweight construction materials
  • Full-length cushioned foot bed with Nike Lunarion cushioning
  • Medial and lateral Phylon support wings provide extra stability and security for the full length of your foot


  • While traction is vastly improved, it still is not the same as plastic or metal spike shoes
  • Players who need additional arch support may need to use inserts


A good golf shoe that provides rock solid ankle support while walking or during your swing is essential to maintaining or improving your golf game. With that focus in mind, ECCO developed their Men’s Cage Pro Golf Shoe to provide a spikeless golf shoe that didn’t sacrifice the stability in the heel of a traditional spiked golf shoe.

To accomplish this goal, ECCO selected their SPYDR-GRIP outsole to provide the best possible on course performance for stability and traction without sacrificing the comfort and utility of the shoe when off the course or driving.

This intentional selection of a high quality outsole is the foundation on which the Cage Pro’s exceptional ankle support is built. Keeping your heel and ankles locked and stable in the proper position during your swing is crucial to avoiding long term lower body injuries. To keep your feet properly aligned within the shoe to maintain this stable mobility,

ECCO uses a one piece direct-injected PU cage that wraps around the heel at the back and extends to the midsole where it meets the toe box. The cage is designed to keep your foot from sliding inside the shoe and compromising the form of your swing, thus protecting you from injury and bad swing habits simultaneously.

The Cage Pro isn’t just about stability either: the shoe itself is comfortably breathable with adequate arch support, and the lining of the shoe includes a GORE-TEX moisture lock to keep outside rain and water out while still permitting your feet to breathe. All in all, this is an excellent


  • Reinforced TPU cage helps players maintain proper ankle position and form
  • SPYDR-GRIP high performance traction outsole for better stability and comfort on and off the course
  • Shank and sole are designed to conform to your foot’s natural shape and musculature
  • Premium bed liner foam provides exceptional comfort without reducing groundfeel
  • Fits like a second skin
  • Exceptional breathability for a leather upper shoe
  • GORE-TEX water resistant layer


  • Extra rigid ankle support requires exact size fitting to prevent pressure points
  • SPYDR-GRIP outsole takes getting used to when walking off course


Combining improved stability during play with their signature comfort, FootJoy has created an ideal golf shoe for the beginner or intermediate player who is looking to give spikeless golf shoes a try. The FootJoy Pro SL Spikeless Golf Shoe has had some enhancements made to the overall design since the last model year, and a clear emphasis on performance is evident in the changes that have been made.

Reinforcing the heel and ankle support is the first major change to the Pro SLs, as well as a more comfortable insole that balances pressure more evenly across the outsole where the shoe grips the turf. 

Speaking of the outsole, the grip has been improved significantly over the prior design, and the traction while on inclines or soft turf is now much more comparable to a spiked golf shoe.The Pro SL is intended to replace the surprise smash hit that put FootJoy on the map, the DryJoy Casual, and so far with the many improvements it seems poised to provide quite the upgrade for an entry level spikeless golf shoe. If you are trying to keep your golf shoe costs to a minimum but still need some high quality spikeless golf shoes, definitely gibe the FootJoy Pro SL a once over before you decide on a new pair. You may be very glad you did.


  • Uppers made of high-durability ChromoSkin leather from Pittards to maintain both the look and feel over time
  • Water-proof construction of the upper keeps feet dry without sacrificing breathability
  • Great stability in the heel and ankle
  • Vastly improved insole balance and comfort
  • Outsole grip and traction have both been upgraded with new spikeless design
  • Additional lightweight cushioning foam in the heel for better shock absorbption


  • Less water resistant than other shoes in its class
  • Shape is less naturally conforming than previous versions


Any golfer looking for some extra grippy spiky shoes that are just as comfortable to walk in on the course as off it definitely needs to check out PUMA Men’s Ignite Spikeless Sport Disc Shoes. The unique design of the outsole uses small hexagonal treads to provide the necessary traction and stability during play, and their shape keeps each step you take while walking off course from feeling like you are walking on extremely tiny stilts.

PUMA’s patented Ignite foam makes the insole feel as though your foot is being cradled gently by clouds of air, minimizing energy return without sacrificing comfort, responsiveness, or stability. All materials on the upper are top of the line, and it is certified waterproof for one year by the manufacturer. The high quality mesh keeps your feet breathing freely without exposing them to excess moisture, and the disc closure system helps you dial in that perfect custom fit every time you are ready to lace up and get out on the links

Overall, the PUMA Men’s Ignite Spikeless Sport Disc Shoes are a great choice for the intermediate and experienced golfer who are looking for both comfort and performance. Few other golf shoes feel as uniquely comfortable, and few provide what Puma does in terms of exceptional performance on and off the turf.


  • Preset-locking DISC system for laces to keep your golf shoes fitting the same way every time
  • Low profile grips for comfortable walking on and off the course
  • Tornado Cleats provide superior incline and wet turf traction
  • Puma Ignite Foam insoles keep you comfortable all day long
  • Breathable waterproof mesh upper


  • Ankle and heel support are not as effective as on comparable shoes
  • Despite the low profile spikes, these shoes doe ride a bit higher on their outsoles


This one-of-a-kind offering from Adidas combines the best elements of an athletic shoe for running or walking with the stability and traction of a high quality spikeless golf shoe. The upper construction is a circle-knit, almost sock-like breathable mesh that conforms to your foot and prevents uncomfortable pressure points from forming.Inside of the Crossknit Boost Conavy/Co Golf Shoe, the insole is lined with full-length Boost foam that provides endless energy return without creating discomfort or fatigue.

The entire outsole is designed to keep your foot properly aligned with your heel and ankle during your stroke, providing you with exception stability and control despite the soft mesh exterior of the upper. A TPU frame wraps around the heel and extends to the midsole to help maintain form and keep your ankle and heel stable throughout the entire motion of your swing. The outsole also extends above the point of your toes to prevent excessive wear from your follow through.

The Adidas Men’s Crossknit Boost Golf Shoe is the perfect spikeless shoe for anyone that is looking for the ultimate comfort fit. They’re form fitting but never too tight, supportive but without creating pressure points, and comfortable without compromising groundfeel. All in all, if you are looking to try some spikeless golf shoes for the sake of comfort while walking or golfing, this is the pair for you.


  • Circular pattern knit upper fits like a glove and breathes freely
  • Lace up closure keeps fit and feel similar to everyday athletic shoes or sneakers
  • Boost foam keeps your feet comfortable without sacrificing groundfeel
  • Internal 3-stripe sole reinforcements and extended saddle sling outsole structure both provide rock-solid ankle and heel support during play
  • Suitable for walking, driving, or playing golf without the need to change shoes


  • Water resistance is adequate but not great
  • Knit outer/upper isn’t for everyone in terms of preference and style


In keeping with PUMA’s legacy as a world class maker of running shoes, the PUMA Men’s Grip Sport Golf Shoe takes much of its design inspiration from PUMA’s running shoe line. It is purpose-built to provide the ultimate comfort when walking around the links or the clubhouse, and it’s running shoe genetics have more to offer than just some comfortable spikeless golf shoes.

The upper is all classic PUMA, with alternating leather and mesh to keep the shoe breathable but tough, particularly when it comes to the usual wear and tear you put on a golf shoe during active play. 

The outsole provides plenty of grip for inclines and damp or wet turf and grass, but still remains comfortable to walk in without damaging flooring or carpeting as you make your way to the parking lot at the end of your game. On the inside, PUMA’s FusionFoam forms the perfect cushion for your feet as you walk, swing, and stand throughout your game, while internal TPU mesh frame keeps your ankle and heel stable to preserve your form. If you tend to enjoy walking the course more than driving, the Men’s Grip Sport Golf Shoe is an excellent choice.


  • Athletic shoe comfort with with spikeless golf shoe grip and traction
  • High performance breathable mesh upper
  • FusionFoam comfort insole
  • TPU EverTrack grips provide stability and traction even on wet turf
  • Carbon rubber sole construction
  • Lightweight yet stable


  • Traction on smooth surfaces like tile is not great
  • May be too informal for certain club dress codes

How To Choose The Right Spikeless Golf Shoes

When shopping around for the best spikeless golf shoes for you, there are a few important factors that require consideration in finding the best shoes for your feet and your style of play. Here’s what to look for:

A. Traction/Grip

Do some research on how your potential pair holds up in terms of traction versus spiked shoes on a variety of terrain. Your local pro shop or golf pro should be able to give you a fairly accurate assessment given what the players at a given course typically wear and how their shoes perform. Make sure you know in advance as best as you can how your potential spikeless golf shoe choices perform on dry, wet, flat, and undulating terrain, and especially how they affect shot performance and stability for most players.

B. Stability

Good spikeless golf shoes should have enough space toward the front of the shoe to allow you to position your feet comfortably, but with your ankle held firmly in place. Any roll in your ankle during a swing can cause long term injuries, so you want to make sure any pair of spikeless golf shoes you try keeps your lower body rock solid stable.

C. Comfort Walking, Standing, and Swinging

This may seem like an obvious consideration, but you obviously want to make sure that your spikeless golf shoes are comfortable to wear all day long no matter what you are doing. If you can, test out your shoes for standing, walking, and swinging to make sure there are no uncomfortable pressure points while you are wearing them. Get a feel for how heavy the soles are, as well as how rigid they feel while you move or swing. If your feet don’t feel good, then no amount of technical innovation is going to matter.

D. Water-Resistance Performance

There are few things I hate more in this world than wet socks. It reduces the overall enjoyment of any activity by factor of ten, but when playing a round of golf it can make your game especially miserable. Definitely check out how your golf shoes doe in the wet and damp before deciding whether or not a pair is right for you.

E. Durability/Longevity

If you plan to invest your hard earned money in a good pair of spikeless golf shoes, you want to make sure that your chosen pair is going to hold up over time. Do your best to find out from experts at the local pro shop or other players how well their chosen spikeless golf shoe wears over time. Pursuing your passion for golf should not require you to replace your footgear frequently.

Advantages of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Why should you consider a pair of spikeless golf shoes over traditional spiked golf shoes? Let’s do a quick rundown of the advantages:

-The soles on spikeless golf shoes are designed to wear less quickly

-Since they have no metal, you don’t need to worry about rust

-You don’t need to change your shoes before going back into the clubhouse or walking on a tile or stone floor.

-You can drive to the course in your spikeless golf shoes, unlike traditional golf shoes

-Spikeless golf shoes are designed to provide better support for walking and standing

-Despite the minor compromise in traction, spikeless golf shoes sacrifice little in the way of overall golf game performance. 

Golf Shoes Cleaning /Care : Tips & Tricks

Here are some easy care and cleaning tips for getting the most out of your spikeless golf shoes:

-Rotate pairs of shoes between rounds. Two pair of golf shoes in rotation will last far longer than twice the lifetime of just one pair.

-Knock the dirt out of your cleats between rounds to keep it from accumulating

-Use a shoehorn when getting your golf shoes on to preserve the heel and heel supports built into the shoe

-Never store golf shoes in the trunk of your care or any other high temperature area. High heat in an enclosed space will cause your shoe’s materials to degrade much faster than if you kept them in a temperature controlled environment.

-Keep cedar shoe trees in your golf shoes to keep them fresh and help them maintain their shape

Final Verdict

Based on my product reviews, the ECCO Men's Cage Pro Golf Shoe is hands down the best spikeless golf shoe currently available. They’re supportive, comfortable, looks great whether you are playing at a private club or the local municipal course, have excellent water resistance, and with proper care they will last you for years. If you are ready to give spikeless golf shoes a try, definitely check out a pair of ECCO Men’s Cage Pro Golf Shoes. Put them on and walk around a little, maybe take a few practice swings with the shop pro. I have a feeling they will be everything you are looking for and more.

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