How To Clean Golf Shoe-Cleaning And Care

How to clean golf shoe

When looking into how to clean golf shoes, we need to put into consideration the material used to make the shoes. Golf shoes can be broken into two distinct parts for cleaning the upper part and the outsole. Other than the part to be cleaned, one should consider the material used to make the upper part of the shoe. Some materials easily get dirty. There are those that do not get dirty quickly. Most golf shoes are made of leather and synthetic material. These materials get dirty easily during rounds of golf. In this article, the various ways in which one can clean golf shoes are looked. The article lists the various steps in which one gets to do as they work towards having clean golf shoes. Irrespective of the material used to make the shoe, this article provides the basic method of how to clean golf shoes.


This article will look at the various steps to follow to clean the golf shoes, from the upper part of the shoes to the outsole. The first area looked into is the upper part where one uses a mixture of soap and water and a towel to clean.

The second part that covered in this article is the removal of scuff marks. Here, the cleaner will need to apply polish. The color of the polish to use should be the same color as the shoe.

The last part that this article looks into regarding cleaning of golf shoes is the cleaning of the outsole of the golf shoes. Again, the cleaner needs to use the mixture of soap and water. Moisturize a wet piece of cloth before wiping off the dirt. In cleaning the outsole, the cleaner also needs to have considerations for the cleaning of the spikes. The spikes are to be cleaned using a towel that is moisturized. If the spikes are detachable, they can also be removed for proper cleaning.

Moving on to the part addressing the cleaning of the spikes, mild soap, as well as water is used. The spikes are also cleaned using the wet piece of cloth just like the rest of the outsole. 

Cleaning the upper part

When cleaning golf shoes, the first part that needs to be worked on is the upper part. In cleaning the upper part, one needs to use a mixture of soap and water. With a towel or piece of cloth moistened in the soap and water mixture, wipe the dirt on the upper part of the shoes. The wiping should aim at removing the dirt and should be fast enough as soaking the shoes can result in the damage of the material used to make the shoes. The wiping should be repeated until all the dirt is removed and the shoe is clean.

Getting rid of scuff marks on the upper part of golf shoe

To get rid of scuff marks, one needs to use a matching color of shoe polish. In the case that the upper part of the shoe is made of brown leather, to get rid of the scuff, one will have to use a brown shoe polish to smoothen out the scuffs. The shoe polishes can be used in covering up the scuff marks especially those that appear because of the regular usage of the shoes. Just as the example used herein, the shoe polishes come in varied colors and most cases the polishes come with applicator brushes that are used to apply the polish mixture. Other than brown, one can also find black and white polishes readily, and they need to choose the right type to be applied to the leather.

Cleaning the outsoles of golf shoes

To clean the outsoles, what does one need to do? To clean the outsoles, one has to use a towel or piece of cloth, moisturized in soap and water mixture. Like brought out above, one can use the soap mixture and towel use in part one where the cleaning of the upper part was done. Just before cleaning the sole though, there is a strategy that needs to be looked into before the cleaning can commence. To clean the sole, the polish applied on the upper part to clean the scuff marks should be allowed to dry by waiting about 10 minutes before beginning the cleaning of the outsole. The ten-minute allowance is to allow the polish applied on the upper part to dry up so that when cleaning the outsole the polish is not washed off.

The shoes also have spikes. This is the stage during which the spikes are also cleaned. The spikes on the outsole area are also cleaned with a wet towel as was done with the upper part. 

Treating the golf shoes with oil

As elaborated before, the golf shoes are made of varied materials including leather and synthetic. The most common type of material used to make golf shoes is leather. The leather golf shoes need to be treated with leather oil. The oil helps nourish the leather. This is the final stage in the cleaning of a golf shoe. The application of leather oil to the shoes helps in retaining the shine of the shoes.


This article highlights the simple instructions that are followed to clean a golf shoe. The first step is the assessing of the shoes for dirt. The dirt, in this case, could be anything including sand and mad. Using soap and clean water only ensures that the shoe remains dirt free with minimal side effects that might destroy the material. The shoes are then to be painted with leather oil. This helps in protecting the leather of the shoes from fading off and wearing out first. After applying the polish to help in keeping off scuff marks, the shoe should be allowed to dry.

Following the process of cleaning the golf shoes, this last step ensures that the leather is not destroyed as the oil applied nourishes the leather. Using the right way of cleaning, one ends up with clean and well-maintained golf shoes. 

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