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How To Play Exceptional Golf In The Wind

Do you enjoy playing the golf game in the wind as I do? I’m a golfer, and I enjoy playing this awesome game during weekends. One of the problems I faced during my earlier days was playing in the wind. I know this is a significant problem most golfers face - including the pros - because it is hard to smoothly play in the wind. What do you find hard when playing? If you are a golfer and having this problem, I will teach you how to play great golf in the wind.

Irrespective of how skilled you are as a golfer, you cannot control nature. All we can do is to learn how to deal with it. But don’t worry about this because the more you play golf in the wind the more you learn about it and its influence on your game. In the end, you will love it even more. Read this to improve your game. 

Avoid swinging hard 

Thinking that you have to hit the ball harder to recompense for the wind is the worst mistake you can make. Swing hard makes you put more spin on the ball that is why it is not advisable to swing hard. The next time you will be playing your game, and the breeze blows in your face, hit the ball smoothly. Control your swing, and you will avoid some spinning on the ball. You will in return reduce the ball flight and take control of the wind. 

Give the ball moving space 

The ball curves more than usual when playing into the wind and in crosswinds. Having this in mind is very important as it will know you need give the ball space to move. This is the reason many golfers feel uncomfortable. 

However, it is crucial to consider this fact before any shot. The idea here is that you don’t fight with the wind but instead work with it. Put your focus on striking with a smooth rhythm and striking the ball firmly. This will harvest good outcomes, but it is also good to be aware that it will not be easy to score in windy environments. If you acknowledge that change of approach is necessary, you will enjoy playing in such conditions.

That is why it is necessary to understand how the wind influences some shots. The start and end point of a shot is hugely influenced by the direction of the wind and the rotation of the ball. A straight shot is not going to go straight wind. The ball will drift a bit depending on breezes. But if you want a straight shot you can make efforts to fight the wind.

Move the ball back in your body position 

Ensure you play the shot around one to three inches back in your body position in the wind. This will enable you to trap the ball more and support a lower ball flight. Remember when the ball is long in the air, the higher the chances for the wind to affect it. Keep your weight slightly forward to assist your hands to remain ahead of the ball at impact. It will also help in keeping the ball low and less loft. 

Take more club 

It is rare to see golfers who take many clubs when they are hitting into the wind. It is okay to take three or more clubs a when you have the wind in your face. Swinging with a smooth rhythm will also help maintain the ball lower. This will make the ball to fly to your spot more efficiently. Equally, when the wind is behind you consider the arch of the club you are striking.
Avoid risking it

Many golfers find hard knowing when to back off and when to cut the losses. Since you are playing in the wind, it is better to learn and don’t wait for the wind to expose you. You can lay up on par 4’s or 3’s. Most of the time, you will get the opportunity of getting the ball on the greeneries from a distance. Avoid challenging fairway sand straps or chasing sucker pins. Play for the large section of the green and the far-reaching portion of the fairway.

Watch for the tree tops 

It is very critical to watch for the tree tops as you are playing this kind of golf. It will provide you with an idea of the surroundings while the ball loses motion at the top of its flight. In this case, striking a low shot is not an option. 

Wear the best golf shoe 

All of the above are necessary for helping you play well, but being comfortable is essential also. That is why you need to get the best golf shoe. Swinging when barefooted causes more foot action. As we mentioned earlier, it is good if you avoid turning harder. The more stable you are, the better Most of the golfing shoes have inbuilt stabilizers that will assist you to be more stable as you play. The feet will therefore not slide or shift. Shoes with spikes assist in keeping your feet from sliding on uneven turf. 


Well, playing in the wind is that simple if you follow these tips. Although golfers can roughly measure the wind’s speed at ground level, they usually don’t realize that the speed of wind differs with height above the ground. The golfer faces crosswind when playing as it magnifies any turn on the ball and lessens distance.

 Another thing golfers need to know about playing golf in the wind is that golfers attain high scores during high wind speeds. However, the modern golfing balls are designed in a way that they are less likely to be affected by the wind. Up to this point it is evident that many prefers do not enjoy playing in the wind.

If you read these tips and implement them, you will have added advantage over other players. Please let your colleagues know how to play great golf in the wind by sharing this article.

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