Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 – Ultimate Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

When you’re out for a round of golf, you may have wondered what tools you should take with you. If you already have your clubs, balls, and tees, you may think you’re ready to go. There is only one other thing you need to help you become the best golfer you can be. You should make sure you have a rangefinder, otherwise you could be in for a long day of missing your shots.

While not everyone needs a rangefinder, you should probably take one, especially if you’re trying to fix your handicap. The best news about getting a rangefinder is that you don’t have to pay out of your nose for one. You can find some of the best golf rangefinders for under 100, and they can greatly improve your game. No matter if you’re just starting out as a passive player, or you’ve been playing for years, A rangefinder is an excellent tool to help you nail any shot you need to make.


5 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 -Comparison Chart

5 Best Golf Rangefinders Under 100 - In Depth Reviews 

1. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

LCD Display

You can easily read the distance of your targets with the LCD display. You will get the exact distance between your targets. It provides an accurate reading between 10 and 600 yards. You only need to hit a single button to get the display set for your reading.

4x Magnification

You can zoom in up to 4x with the magnification. No matter what the distance is between you and the pin, you can get an accurate reading.You’ll be able to tell how far the pin is from the tree you’re standing next to, and how to properly play your shot. It’s the practical way to hit every shot with pinpoint accuracy.

Compact Design

The rangefinder is small enough to fit in your pocket when you’re walking out on the golf course. It has enough power to help you win your next golf game with your buddies. You’ll appreciate having this rangefinder on you when you’re lining up the toughest shot you’ve ever taken.

Weather-Proof Housing

The weather-proof housing allows you to take the rangefinder out in any weather conditions. You won’t need to worry about damp weather ruining the electronics inside the device. It’s ideal for anyone playing in a humid area.

Highlighted Features

  • LCD display
  • 4x magnification
  • Compact design
  • Weather-proof housing

2. Halo XL450 Rangefinder

Next we are going to show Halo Rangefinder ,This rangefinder not only have used just for golf .it also used for hunting.

Long Range

The rangefinder works up to 450 yards, allowing you to zoom in on any target you set your sights on. You’ll get an accurate reading up to +/-1 yard, allowing you to have more accuracy with the rangefinder. It’s ideal for any golfer looking to improve their golf game.

6x Magnification

You can zoom in far with the rangefinder to set up your next shot. No matter if you’re shooting for the pin, or looking for a good lay, this rangefinder will help. You’ll love having a rangefinder with excellent zoom ability, especially if you want to get to know the course.

AI Technology

When you’re standing out on the course, you may wonder what type of slope you’re on. The rangefinder uses Ai technology to help you know your position, and how to play your next shot. It’s ideal for those that need to know where their golf ball will end up.

Water-Proof Housing

The rangefinder is water-proof, allowing you to take it out when the weather is damp. No matter if you’re playing on a warm sunny day, or there is a lot of humidity, you can rely on the rangefinder to give you an accurate reading. It’s ideal for those that love to play close to water.

Highlighted Features

  • 450-yard range
  • 6x magnification
  • Ai technology
  • Water resistant

3. BOLOV 650 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder

This rangefinder doesn’t have to only be used on golf courses. You can take it out for fishing, hunting, or other outdoor activities. If you love being outdoors, you can take this rangefinder anywhere you want to go.

Laser Technology

The laser technology allows you to get an accurate reading up to +/-1 yard, giving you excellent accuracy. It can measure distances up to 600 yards,

making it ideal for any golf course or outdoor excursion. You’ll know exactly where your shot needs to go when you’re using this rangefinder.


The rangefinder is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for anyone taking the rangefinder with them. You can use one hand to operate the rangefinder, allowing you to keep a cold one in your other hand. It is durable enough to handle dropping, and other tough conditions.

Two Measurement Unit

Whether you want your readings in yards or meters, you can switch quickly and easily to get the best display for you. It has a continuous scan mode that doesn’t stop until you’re ready to line up. It’s ideal for those that want a challenge, or are acclimated to using one system over the other.

Highlighted Features

  • Golf mode
  • Laser accuracy
  • Two measurement units
  • Portable and lightweight

4. Visionking Rangefinder 6x25


Whether you’re out golfing or hunting, you can use this rangefinder for different purposes. It’s practical for those that love being outside, and need to make sure they know the precise distance of an object. No matter if you’re trying to knock down a tough shot, or find out how far a deer is, you will have an excellent idea with this rangefinder.

Laser Technology

The rangefinder uses laser technology to pinpoint any object in the distance. There are three models you can choose from to ensure you have a proper reading with your rangefinder. It’s ideal for those that need accuracy for any activity they’re doing.


The rangefinder is durable enough to handle any conditions you’re in. Whether you’re out when it’s cold and snowy, or playing in a humid environment, the rangefinder won’t stop working. It’s ideal for those looking for a tough rangefinder.

Two Modes

The rangefinder has two modes to help you zero in on your target. You can select golf mode to have it make the flag a priority. When it’s on hunting mode, it will track animals as the priority. It’s the best of both worlds in one device.

Highlighted Features

  • Two modes for golfing and hunting
  • 6x magnification
  • Multi coating
  • Durable
  • Laser technology

5. Cetula Rangefinder 600 Yards

Accurate Readings

This rangefinder allows you to zoom in on a target up to 600 yards. Not only can it zoom in far, you will have an accuracy up to +/-1 yard. You can easily calculate how far you need to make your shot. It’s ideal for measuring anything in your way to sinking a birdie.

Easy Operation

rangefinder has a double button operation, making it simple and easy to use. You press the mode button to get the distance in yards or meters, and the other button turns it on. It’s easy enough for anyone to use quickly to get an accurate reading.

Multilayer Coating Lens

The lens won’t get scratched up, thanks to the multilayer coating. It also decreases light reflection, and allows more light to come into the lens. You can see images clearly, even when the light is low. You’ll be able to find the smallest and thinnest objects around with the rangefinder.


The rangefinder is comfortable to hold in your hand, and it only takes one to operate it. A strap allows you to carry the rangefinder around your wrist, so that it’s readily available. It’s ideal for anyone needing to quickly see what they need to see.

Highlighted Features

  • Accurate up +/-1 yard
  • Easy operation
  • Multilayer coating lens
  • Comfortable design

How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100


You should make sure the rangefinder is accurate, otherwise, you’d have to do a lot of math to do. You should check out what the margin of error is on your rangefinder, and most of them display that information for you. The best rangefinders can be accurate up to half a yard, and when you’re golfing, you want to be as accurate as possible. If you want to, you can settle for rangefinders that work up to one-yard, which is still accurate. Finding the accuracy of the rangefinder shouldn’t be too difficult, and you can tell once you start using it.


Knowing how far out you can see will help you determine if the rangefinder is right for you. Even though a rangefinder may be accurate to a half-yard, the further out you go, the less accuracy you’ll have. A rangefinder may have a max range on it, but there is a good chance it won’t be accurate at that range. The best way to find the right distance is to have an ideal range. Since your hand will shake, the farther out you go, the less likely you are to have an accurate reading. Finding something with an ideal range will help you determine the accuracy of the rangefinder.

Eye Relief

The eye relief is crucial to the rangefinder, and there are different models that work differently for eye relief. Wearing glasses or contacts may cause some rangefinders to work differently. You can test out some rangefinders and see how your eyes feel after using the device. A protruding eye relief may be easier

for some people to use, but others may feel differently about it. The eye relief is crucial when you’re going back and forth between the rangefinder and lining up your next shot. You don’t want one that will strain your eyes, and make it more difficult to make your shot.

Slope Adjustment

A slope adjustment is a wonderful feature to have on your rangefinder. When you’re going over the course and viewing it, knowing where the grass slopes can help you plan your next shot. A slope adjustment will determine what your position is, and will adjust the readings accordingly. You can use a slope adjustment anywhere, except for tournament play. If you’re out playing with your friends, then anything is fair game. The slope adjustment may not be available on all models, but you can use it for a variety of playing surfaces. Knowing how the course is made will help you plan your shots better.

Optional Targeting

In golf, the name of the game is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of shots. The best way to do that is a straight shot, but many courses don’t allow for that. Using an optional targeting system allows you to plan your shots accordingly. Whether you’re trying to avoid hitting the ball behind a tree, or wanting to plant your shot for a better try on the next shot, you can target specific spots. This is practical for anyone looking to play the game strategically. This way, you don’t have to worry when you’re close to the rough.

Final Verdict

Rangefinders are excellent tools for anyone that loves golf and wants to improve their game. There are a lot of factors you should consider before getting a rangefinder, and most of them are easy to find on a lot of them. No matter how long you’ve played golf, you’ll benefit from using a rangefinder. If you’re thinking about getting a rangefinder, the Primacc Rangefinder 600 Yards is one of the best ones available. It is easy to use, and provides you with all the information you need to lower your handicap. You’ll enjoy using this rangefinder every time you go out to play.

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