How To Improve Your Golf Game By Wearing The Right Shoes

How to improve your golf game by wearing the right shoes

What type of shoes do you wear when going to play golf? Do you wear just any footwear? Most golfing newbies often question why they need to wear shoes designed for a specific game. Well, if you are asking this too, here is the answer. Shoes for golfing are designed to offer players flexibility, equilibrium, and stability in a movement of a golf sway. If you are a golfer, you might have suffered foot pain if you did not use the right shoe during your last game. This pain might affect your golf swing. This is because, in an excellent golf swing, your back foot stays fixed, even as the front foot moves from its position and starts rolling to the inner to have an excellent, complete full shoulder twist. Here is how to improve your game by wearing the right shoes.

Wearing the right golfing shoes goes beyond improving your swing. The right shoes also assist you in getting rid of the pain in your body, legs, and feet during golfing. This way, you get to enjoy the game while improving your overall performance and golf swing as well. The right shoes for golfing assist to keep your feet balanced and stable and thus assist you to enhance your weight distribution and posture in a swing. 

Important Things To Keep In Mind To Get The Right Golfing Shoes

  • Ensure you put on the same socks you wish to wear when playing when you try your new shoes.
  • Every time you play a round ensure you try on new shoes afterward. This is essential in letting you feel the shoes when the feet are swollen unlike when they are normal and relaxed.
  • Ensure to try shoes for both feet because they are likely to be of different shape and size. This will enable you to shoes that will offer enough comfort for all your feet as you play
  • Always make sure the toes have adequate space. Avoid choosing shoes that are tight when it comes to your toes. Furthermore, you need to have shoes that will offer enough rigid support to avoid stretching later on.
  • Remember or consider the type of your arch and foot plus the type of your gait when choosing shoes. Pick shoes that have wide toe boxes if your feet are wide. Additionally, arch support is essential in maintaining the feet stable, aligned, and free or injury.
  • Get water-resistant shoes if you enjoy or always play during wet weather. To ensure they do not produce odor ensure you dry the feet before putting them on.
  • Breathable shoes are recommended as they assist in increasing comfort and improving your performance. This is because your feet will remain nice and fresh and will avoid the heels from sliding in a game.

Picking the appropriate shoes for playing golf prevent you from getting injuries and feeling the pain. Furthermore, it will improve your swing and thus assist you to focus on your game. This only means you should spend lots of cash on shoes. But it is worth as you get more benefits including health.

How to improve your golf game by wearing the right shoes

When it comes to playing, we all know we need to wear the proper attire. This is the best way to play better while improving your game. The same thing applies to golf. You need to wear the right shoes if you wish to improve your game and play like an expert.

Get comfort 

A golfing player may cover four to six miles when he plays eighteen holes and saunters the course. Now that you know how long you will be walking consider getting comfortable golfing shoes that you can use to walk long distances. The boots should be breathable and water resistant as well as this will assist to boost your performance. Shoes with padded insoles are preferred as they give you optimum comfort. 

Be stable 

You will have more foot movement than usual if you sway a club without wearing shoes. As a result, you need you need to be stable, and the best way to have stability is by wearing the right shoes. Most of golfing footwear have inbuilt stabilizers by the side of the arches to assist in maintaining the feet from sliding left and right. Other golf shoes also have spikes that assist in keeping your feet from slipping on uneven or wet turf. 

Have balance 

Golf footwear is different from athletic shoes because they feature a wide shoe base and a big sole. Since the golf move to and fro is undertaken as you stand still, it is vital to get a large base to enable you to keep good equilibrium. You should keep in mind that tennis or running shoes do not have a wide bottom since fast and constant foot movement is part the mentioned sports than you can consider it for golf. 

Be flexible 

As a golfer, you are not going to play on the same ground every day. Sometimes you may play on the hilly terrain and at times on the flat ground. A steep ground may need shoes that are flexible because you may sway a club on an uncomfortable slant and that is why you need to wear elastic shoes. Unlike soccer baseball, and basketball shoes, golfing footwear needs some elasticity. 


We cannot forget wearing the right shoes as one of the ways to play in the wind. You may have added foot movement when you play without shoes all the appropriate footwear. Stability is crucial when playing golf. Therefore, it is better to be stable than regret later. As a way to improving your game with the right shoes, you may choose footwear with spikes as the avoid sliding. If you follow these techniques, you will better your swing and the game in general. Did you enjoy reading our article? Please share with all your golfing friends and help them improve their game using these tips. Don’t forget to drop your opinion in the comments below. 

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