Tips on Choosing The Best Golf Shoes For Women

Tips on Choosing the Best Golf Shoes for Women

Most beginners do not know that people need special golf shoes to play the game. A further significant majority do not know that there are special golf shoes for women. However, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional in the game, you have no right to wear the wrong shoes. If you are clueless on what to look out for when picking the right golf shoes for women, this article has got you. I take you through the tips on choosing the best golf shoes for women below

1. Do You Go for Spiked or Spikeless?

There has been a continuous debate as to which one is better between spiked and spikeless women golf shoes. I for one think that there are many variations in this topic and therefore, there is no definite answer. Whether you go for spiked/cleated or spikeless women golf shoes will depend on factors such as the terrain where you will be playing and your personal preferences as well. 

• Spiked Women Golf Shoes

If you opt to go with the spiked women golf shoes, considering ones made of plastics is a wise idea. Today, many golfers are shifting from the traditional metal spikes to plastic spikes mainly because the former is reputable for ruining the golf grounds. 

Many advantages come with using spiked golf shoes. For instance, experts say that they provide more traction and grip. These qualities therefore make them suitable for use in terrains such as hills and wet courses. In addition, if you are looking for more stability and overall support, you might want to opt for the spiked women golf shoes. 

• Spikeless Women Golf Shoes

Spikeless women golf shoes on the other hand have very small rubber lugs on their soles. These rubber lugs are responsible for maintaining the grip on the ground and keeps you as close to the ground as possible. 

Just like the spiked ones, spikeless golf shoes  also have their advantages. For instance, they are very light and more comfortable as compared to their spiked counter parts. Moreover, most players claim that the shoes are very flexible and provide amazing ankle support. They are therefore suitable for playing in flat and dry grounds. You can also wear them off the golf course as well therefore making them versatile as well. 

To settle the argument, if you are going to play in wet or slanted terrains such as hills, go for the spiked women golf shoes. However, if you intend to play on dry and flat surfaces, you might as well opt for the spikeless women golf shoes. Also, do not forget to put your personal preferences into account while at it.

2. Pick Your Style

Confidence is one of the key elements when playing a game of golf. This means that if you got to the field looking great, you will have the confidence needed to take you on a good run. For this to happen however, you have to choose the golf shoes with the best style for you. Achieving this is very simple; all you have to do is match your golf shoes with your style. For beginners, golf shoes are always broken into different sub-categories depending on their style. These styles include the traditional dress-style shoes and the modern sneaker-like shoes. Golf sandals are also available. 

• Traditional Golf Shoes

Women golf shoes that have the traditional style are reputable for having genuine leather for their making. Apart from enhancing the traditional dress like shoes look, the shoes are waterproof and can last for very long. The traditional golf shoes also enhance a sense of fashion admired by many people. 

Wearing a pair of traditional golf shoes together with a good pair of golf pants will definitely give you the confidence that you need to produce amazing results. However, the main challenge of owning a pair of these shoes is that it takes a lot of effort to take care of them. Otherwise, if you love a good shine, I will recommend them any day. 

• Modern Women Golf Shoes

As their name suggests, manufacturers produce modern women golf shoes in the current day and age with an aim of taking over from the traditional ones. Aside from being great for golfing, you can wear the pair on any casual day. As compared to the traditional ones, modern women golf shoes are flexible, light and provide more leg support not to mention the amazing comfort that they provide. 

Again, you have a tough dilemma in deciding whether to go for modern or traditional women golf shoes. My advice is, if you are into fashion, go for the traditional ones. One the other hand, if you like lightweight, flexible and versatile shoes, you can consider the modern women golf shoes. Remember, it is all about whatever makes you comfortable. 

• Golf Sandals

These are less popular as compared to the modern and traditional women golf shoes. However, they serve the purpose, especially during the warm seasons. They are suitable for games that are more casual are very affordable. Their main features include giving your feet more freedom, are light and breathable. However, you can forget about purchasing a pair of these if you are going to play in slanted and wet terrains. 

3. The Material of the Golf Shoes

There is a slight difference in the material used to make women golf shoes. Just like the soles of the shoes, the material used in the making of the shoes also plays a huge role in determining its durability and your performances. 

• Natural Leathers

Women golf shoes made from natural leathers are very popular today. They guarantee high performance levels and provide great comfort for the user. Moreover, because of their ability to remain waterproof, they are very durable not to forget that they are breathable. They can therefore put away molds and other harmful substances with ease. The only problem with women golf shoes made from natural leathers is that they require much attention and cleaning. 

• Synthetic Leathers

These are thinner, lighter, thinner and more flexible as compared to natural leathers. Most modern women golf shoes are made from synthetic leathers and they are easier to clean. However, they are not that durable as compared to their natural leather counterpart. 

• Breathable Fabrics

If you are going to play in warmer and drier conditions, women golf shoes made from breathable fabrics are your best option. They are also suitable for games that are more casual.

4. Support and Stability

For better stability in women, the golf shoes have to fit tighter in the regions around the midfoot. Ensure that your feet can move comfortably while wearing the shoes and your toes should not feel pressed. Lateral and arch support is also some of the factors that you should consider. By looking at the design of the upper parts of your shoes, you can tell the amount of lateral support that it will provide. To tell the durability of your shoes, look at the midsole.

5. Flexibility and Other Additional Features

If you are the type who pivots during swings, opt for women golf shoes that are flexible in the forefoot. The shoes should be very flexible in a way that you do not feel anything during your entire game. Your shoes should stay naturally in position regardless of the pressure inserted on them. 

You should also consider additional features that your preferred golf shoes have to provide. These may include versatility, breathability and lightness. Adaptation to different terrains is also a factor to consider. 

Why it is Important to Find the Right Golf Shoes for You ?

Women golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of their benefits. With the right shoes, you will move well in your tracts, you will not have to worry about twisting your leg and you will have all the comfort that you need to perform well. Many people also rely on golf shoes for confidence. Regardless of what your needs are, finding the right women golf shoes will sort most of your problems. 


Even though picking the right women golf shoes is somewhat a tricky affair, the task is not an improbable one. All you need to do is consider factors such as style, material, versatility and support that your preferred pair have to offer. it is my hope that this article has solved one of your problems. If so, take your time to like and comment below and you will be highly appreciated. 

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