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How Do I care For My ECCO Golf Shoes

In the world of golfing, there is currently no shoes popular than the ECCO golf shoes. The shoes have all the right features that you might be looking for including comfort, stability and amazing leg support. Because of the shoes expensive nature, it follows that you should take great care of them soon after their purchase. How do I care for my ECCO golf shoes? I receive this question mostly and today, I seek to address the issue here.


For you to clean your ECCO golf shoes, you need the following tools and materials:

  • Soft brush
  • Warm water
  • ECCO cleaning products
  • Clean cloth

Step 1: Remove the Loose Dirt

The first step in cleaning your ECCO golf shoes is to remove the loose dirt from your shoes using a soft brush. Keep in mind that you should use new/clean brush to remove the dirt otherwise you will be making the situation worse.

Step 2: Use a Damp Cloth to Clean

After removing all the loose dirt from your shoes, the next step is to dip your clean washing cloth into some warm water and use it to clean your shoes gently. Do not force the dirt off as that will lead to destruction of your ECCO golf shoes’ material. 

Step 3: Apply ECCO Daily Care Cream 

After removing all the excess dirt from your golf shoes, apply the ECCO daily care cream on your shoes. This will see to it that your shoes last for as long as possible while keeping them flexible and comfortable at the same time. Depending on how frequently you use the shoes while playing, using this daily care cream will increase their durability by a great deal. 

Step 4: Dry Your Shoes Using a Rag

The next step is to clean the excess cream on your shoes using a clean and dry cloth. This will also give your shoes a shining glare and maintain its original quality.
With the right ECCO cleaning products, the process is as easy as that. However, you should consider the following factors as well:

  • Do not ever wax your ECCO golf shoes. Many people make the mistake of waxing their shoes in a bid to make them look shinier. However, this is a mistake according to the experts. If anything, wax can reduce the quality of your shoes and keep them from lasting for as long as they should.
  • Before wearing your shoes, always make sure that they are clean. To keep their leather in a good condition, use waterproofing spray that you get upon their purchase. This keeps the shoes free from staining and water penetration.
  • Clean your shoes regularly for them to last you for long.

Why Should You Use ECCO Shoe Care Products?

Owning a pair of ECCO golf shoes comes with many responsibilities. You have to clean them regularly so that they can last for long and offer you constant quality services. ECCO golf shoes go hand in hand with ECCO shoe care cleaning products that are a must have. The products aim at cleaning, caring and protecting your shoes from any sort of dirt or strains. 


Just like showering helps you to keep your body fresh, ECCO clean products strive at cleaning your golf shoes effectively. The water-based products help remove any built up dirt immediately and effectively. They clean the leather of your shoes thereby enhancing their freshness at all times.


The ECCO Care products on the other hand work in the exact same way as lotions. They help to moisten, soften and improve the texture of your shoes. The product’s manufacturer saw to it that the products are formulated to shine, retain suppleness and keep the leathers of your shoes from drying out or cracking. 


The Protect products from ECCO prevent your shoes from physical destructions. They serve as a protective coating to your shoes thereby keeping them free from rain, stains and dirt. 

The Benefits of Using the Right Cleaning Products to Clean Your Golf Shoes

While it is true that cleaning your ECCO golf shoes can be tiresome and challenging, you can still go about the task with ease if you have the right cleaning and nourishing products. When you purchase a pair of ECCO golf shoes, you will find some cleaning products from the same company to start you off. These shoe care products come with the following 

1.They are Authentic

ECCO shoe care products are tailor-made to take care of ECCO golf shoes. They are laboratory tested and have been proven to work well with leather products. 

2.They are Environmentally Friendly

If you care about the environment, ECCO shoe care products allow you to do that with ease. They come in pump-action sprays and the spray cans are non-aerosol. All of these contribute to the betterment of the environment. 

3.Made from Natural Ingredients

Always use shoe care products that are made from natural ingredients. Natural shoe care products are skin-friendly and do not cause adverse side effects, as it may be the case with the products made from artificial chemicals. Natural qualities are exactly what shoe care products from ECCO offer.

4.They Maintain the Original State of Your Shoes

As opposed to some shoe care products that can harm the physical state of your precious golf shoes such as breathability, products from ECCO aim at helping you to remove the tough stain while at the same time maintaining their original physical state. 

5.Embraces the Latest Technology

ECCO shoe care products embrace the latest technology. They get rid of dirt and stains with ease while at the same time maintaining the quality of the shoes. They contribute positively in your quest. 


ECCO golf shoes are some of the most expensive pair s you can get in the market today. They are comfortable and very flexible thereby making them worth their cost. It therefore follows that having a pair of these shoes comes with many responsibilities of maintaining them. This article takes you through the process of taking care of them and making sure that they serve you for as long as possible. I hope that it have been useful to you. if so, kindly like and leave a comment below. 

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