Things to consider before buying the best golf shoe for men and women

These days, there is the multitude of options when it comes to golf shoes. As such, it can be a daunting task figuring out which golf shoes are best for you especially if you are new in the golf field. Every golf course will not require you to have golf shoes, but it is a wise to have them just in case you need them. You get to realize the advantages of golf shoes when you get a chance to play a great round of golf.

That is possible because golf shoes provide you additional support and comfort that other types of shoes do not provide when it comes to navigating a golf course. Golf course involves a lot of walking hence it is recommendable that you pick the strongly supported shoes. This article will take you through the things to consider before buying the best golf shoe for men and women.

It is arguably true that many options are available when it comes to purchasing golf shoes. It means that you need to understand what to look for before moving ahead and pick a pair. There are different aspects that you need to consider when buying a pair of golf shoes.

Some of the aspects to consider include;

  • the material that is used to make the shoes
  • price
  • type of golf shoes available
  • ​the fitting process
  • ​waterproof warranty
  • ​your frequency of play

Why you need golf shoes

When heading out to your next golf course, there are many reasons why you should consider being in golf shoes if you don’t have a pair. The good thing about golf shoes is that they are designed with grip bottoms that are mold, and this is what gives player traction when they walk in areas of short grass that may be slippery. The designs of the shoe help hold you in place when taking a swing and as such the turf will not get damaged. Most golf courses have hilly terrains, and your golf shoes will help deal with that because they are designed to give you the support that you need so that you can play comfortably.

Things to take into consideration before buying the best golf shoe

1. Price

Price is one of the things that you need to consider before buying the best golf shoe that you have identified. Golf shoes don’t cost the same since the price can be as high as $300. When purchasing a pair, you get what you pay for just like it’s the case with most things. The inexpensive golf shoes are made from synthetic leather. The price depends on the materials used to make the shows.

For example, shoes made from calfskin leather are more expensive than those from synthetic leather. Expensive golf shoes are expected to last longer and feel better on your feet and as such will help your golf game. Therefore, the price you pay for a golf shoe depends on the quality material that it is made out and other unique features built into the golf shoe. If you want to improve on your game, consider purchasing high quality shoes.

2. Fitting process

When it comes to buying a golf shoe, it needs to have a perfect fit. By this it means that you should make sure that you get the correct size. So, you will have to try the pair your pick and ensure that you approach the fitting process in the proper way so that you choose the perfect pair on your first try.

You should avoid buying shoes off the internet if you are not sure whether it will fit you well. If at all you are not sure of your size, it’s good that you consult the manufacturer sizing guide. You can consider visiting golf pro shop since the chances are that you will get assisted by experienced golfers, especially when purchasing an expensive shoe. Ensure that you try the sure with the same socks that you will wear during golfing so that you can determine the appropriate fit.

Pick a shoe with plastic spikes because many golf clubs don’t allow metal spikes on their greens. After you’ve worn the shoe, walk around in the shop at least for five minutes and if possible take a few practice swings so that you can determine whether the shoes are comfortable and supportive. In case you have foot or ankle issues, seek out a brand that will provide you the support that you need and one that will give room for a greater amount of comfort than others.

3. Frequency of play

How often you play is one of the deciding factors that you need to consider when making your purchase decision. Your frequency of play will also help you determine how much you have to spend on golf shoes. If don’t play often, you might consider buying inexpensive golf shoe and the chances are that they will still be perfect for you. It would be wise not to shell out all your cash on shoes if you only a few times a year.

However, if you are kind who plays almost every weekend; consider investing in high quality golf shoes. If you spend a significant amount in the field, ensure that the pair of shoes you buy are going to provide a high level of breath-ability and comfort. They should also be supportive.

4. Waterproof warranty

Some golf shoes come with waterproof warranty. As such, it means that some golf shoes are water-resistant while others can get damaged by water. A water-resistant shoe is not backed by a waterproof warranty, and some have a two-year guarantee. The waterproof option you choose will determine the cost of the golf shoes you buy.

If you play in the morning hour or you are considering to be playing during morning hours, it is advisable that you go for the pair of the golf shoe that carry a waterproof warranty of at least two years. However, you should take good care of your shoes if you want them to stay waterproof for long.

5. Material of the Golf Shoe

Before you shop for a pair of golf shoes, ensure that you understand the types of materials available to select from. Different materials are used depending on the price of the shoe and its quality. The material of the shoe is a major deciding factor that you should not ignore. Leather has always been and is the most popular material that is used in the outside portion of the shoe.

Many people prefer leather shoes because they are comfortable and can stretch and mold to have a perfect fit on a player’s foot. Leather shoes are expensive compared to the synthetic ones because they have waterproof capability that the synthetic ones lack. Leather shoes are a good buy for the summer months because they are a breathable material. The price tag on the leather shoes proves that they are worth an investment because they are of the right quality.

You can as well invest in synthetic leather shoes although they will not offer the same quality levels as the leather ones. Synthetic golf shoes will offer the same functionality. Keep in mind that the grades of leather used in golf shoes are different and the best grades are expensive.

If you want a shoe that has waterproof linings, choose one that is made from Gore-Tex, although some manufacturers have their own versions. If you are considering winter play, buy a shoe that is thick and water resistant. The material is fully waterproof and breathable and will feel warmer than leather, meaning that it may not be the perfect shoe for a hot summer.

6. Lacing systems

Traditionally, shoe laces were the most universal for doing up golf shoes. Today, there are other alternatives that you need to be aware of. Some shoes have incorporated a casual fastening approach to help the ease of removal and securing of the shoe. Some shoes have proprietary lacing systems that secure the shoe in the same way the ski-book operate. These lacing systems aim to provide consistent stability to the golfer as they prevent the loosening throughout a round. You can consider this factor and keep in mind that golf shoes with these features are more expensive than the exact model of a shoe with the traditional lacing system.


When it comes to purchasing the best golf shoe for men and women, there are many different factors that you need to consider. The most imperative things to consider is your frequency of play, the materials, the price of the shoe, the fitting process, waterproof warranty, and the lacing systems. The material of the shoe is important because it will impact comfort, durability, and support a golf shoe will provide. The best and long lasting shoes are made from leather. Leather is a bit expensive but there are other moderately priced options like synthetic golf shoes. The fitting process is critical and ought to be taken seriously before you purchase a shoe. Make sure that the golf shoe you buy perfectly fits you.

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