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How To Play Golf In Winter Weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful, so that means it is time to playing in cold weather. Here are our best tips for making sure you’re prepared for winter conditions so that you’re not a Grinch on the golf course.

Be realistic

This is probably the cardinal rule of golf, and it particularly applies in winter weather. Your score will probably go up in winter, and that’s ok. Balls don’t travel as far and your body is stiffer so your swing is not going to be the same. So don’t get frustrated. You’re still playing, and that’s the fun part. Just don’t keep score!

If you must keep score, let’s say you’re on a par 5 hole and you easily hit it in 2 during the warmer summer months. Expect to hit it in a 4 or 5 and if you hit it in less in winter, pat yourself on the back. Just set appropriate expectations.

Keep your golf ball warm

This may sound strange, but while you’re keeping your hands warm, keep your golf ball warm too. Golf balls don’t go as far in cold weather. In fact, you lose five yards for every 10 degree decrease in the outdoor temperature. 

Of course you should keep your hands warm. You can’t swing without them. Try hand warmers and wear gloves. You might wear your thicker gloves over your golf gloves.

Keep walking

You might think you’ll be warm and toasty riding from hole to hole in the golf cart, but walking in cold weather will actually warm you up. Your muscles will also stay looser and your swing won’t suffer from the cold.

Layered clothing

This is a tried-and-true rule of winter. Wearing layered clothes keeps you warmer because the air trapped between the layers insulates your body. Your layers can’t be too thick. If you’re too bundled up, you won’t be able to complete a full swing. Wear multiple thin layers that you can take off or put on as the temperature changes. Don’t forget your hat. Most heat loss occurs through your head. Wear a hat that will keep your ears warm. If it is really cold, keep your face warm too.

Club winter distances

Know that each of your clubs will have shorter distances in winter. In fact, the distances are significantly less in cold weather. You’ll also have very little ground run, so just be prepared.

Soft Greens

You will get very little run on the greens, so adjust for that when choosing your club. If the ground is a bit frosty or icy, you will get more run. And if you’re playing golf on an icy course, you are awesome and dedicated!

Softer Ball

Golf balls are harder to compress in the winter so use a softer ball. A hard ball like a Top Flite XL will feel like a cannonball. Use something softer like the Srixon Q-Star or similar.

More Club!

The ball doesn’t go as far when it is cold, so you’ll have to use the appropriate clubs. You also might consider playing one tee box up from your normal tee spot.

In the Rough

You’ll have to make some winter adjustments in the rough, which is usually wetter in winter. Use a rescue club on longer shots; it’s more effective than an iron in this situation. 

Change Your Spikes

We’ve talked about gloves and layers, but you also need to change your shoes For walking. Swapping out your soft spikes for metal spikes is ideal in winter, if your golf club allows it. It’ll give you more traction and prevent slips and falls more readily.

Tee Mats

Tee mats can be slippery in winter, so be sure to widen your stance. This will form a more solid base. 

Empty Courses

One of the great things about winter is that courses tend to be emptier. There aren’t as many players out there braving the elements, so use it to your advantage. You might find that you have the course all to yourself, which is a nice little luxury. You can play slower and try different shots and strategies you’ve been wanting to test out. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Challenge Yourself

Everyone needs a good challenge once in a while. Playing golf in adverse conditions can put fire in your belly, so have fun.

Winter Wonderland

Lots of golfers don’t play in the winter because they feel it will throw off their game. But practice is practice, and winter offers some unique opportunities. Yes, you’ll drive and putt differently, but it’s a great way to play year-round.

If you’re a diehard golfer, you like to play year round—rain or shine, sleet or snow. If you can’t bear the cold, maybe Santa will buy you a plane ticket to a nice, warm golf destination. Dear Santa…I want a golf trip! Have fun this winter on the course, and stay warm!

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