How We Test Golf GPS Device-Everything You Need To Know

How we test golf gps device

A golf GPS device is a must-have for every golfer despite their skill level. They are easy to use and are more accurate with several options available to choose from as you find the best fit.

Gone are the days when the GPS only offered the distance from the center to the green. The modern golf GPS devices are stylish, portable, and capture different targets ranging from distance covered to the keeping a digital scorecard.

Buying a golf GPS device should not be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. However, it is easy to get confused as different manufacturers list the wide array of technical features and specifications. Also, the different price models might be a confusing factor.

Worry not! Here is a guide that will help you understand how to test for the best golf GPS device.

Testing the Best Golf GPS Device

While testing the Best golf GPS device, here are a few factors to look out for:


Pay special attention to the distinguishing features of each device. Some features have basic features that display distance at the back, middle, and center of the golf course. However, others have more advanced features such as stat tracking capabilities and digital scorecards. The choice lies with the golfer.


In golf, there are two types of accuracy which include mapping and device accuracy. The device accurately measures the device’s ability to pick satellites and determine the exact location. Some devices will display distance within a certain range making it difficult to determine the accurate distance.

The mapping accuracy determines if the course is properly mapped. For instance, is the hazard correctly located on the satellite claims? Here is how the device mapping accuracy works. It will use information from the proprietary database of location coordinated to generate the location. Depending on the mapping method used, either by the manufacturer or third party agents, you might get different readings of the distance.

The GPS chipset device has an estimated accuracy of 3-4 yards under optimal conditions, good satellite coverage, and a clear sky. However, sometimes take a “pause” after getting the ball in a bid to ensure the GPS chipset has been updated. The device might lose its satellite lock if left in the pocket or bag as you play.

Cost of ownership

What is the cost of owning a golf GPS device? Some of the devices have unlimited courses within the purchase and others charge per course. Some manufacturers will require the users to pay a lifetime or annual subscription.

Is it easy to use?

The features on your preferred device may be appealing. However, is it easy to operate and use the device on the course? Can it fit in your pocket or have to attach it your bag? Invest in a device that is easy to use and carry as it helps you enjoy your game without a worry.

Information on mapping and course detail

Assuming you are playing in a new course, how much information will your device display? How many bunkers and hazards are present? Can you tell the accurate distances of the course? Having such information is crucial to any golfer as it affects how they play.

Installation and set-up

Can you easily set-up the device and get it running? Can you install and run the needed software without going insane? Although the device comes with a manual, it should be easy to run the set-up and install the software with ease.

Does it cover your preferred course?

Manufacturers claim that their device covers thousands of golf courses in their database? As a player in specific courses, is your course covered? Or maybe the manufacturer has a list of “covered “courses that excludes yours?

Some of the GPS devices have a limited database and will not be helpful in an undocumented golf course. Always check with your dealer on the courses covered.


How can you rate the functionality of your device? Does it have the auto recognition feature that attempts find the satellite that offers the distance estimates? If so, is it user-friendly or requires you to download courses? Top performing GPS devices stand out from the rest, thanks to the impeccable GPS functionality and screen organization.

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