Golf GPS Watches Vs Golf Rangefinders

Golf GPS Watches Vs Golf Rangefinders

A golf match is enjoyed by many people around the world. Some people love to watch it while others love to play and also to some the game is a career. Well, I would say this is the fairest game that you can play as it does not require a referee to check who is cheating so what is needed from the players is to employ all their tactics and knowledge they have when playing this game so as to score.

Apart from having a good tactic, a golf player should also invest in good playing tools as without them then you will not be able to play well. When it comes to buying the right tools most people have a problem with choosing the right device for measuring the distance. Why? There are two devices which are both used to gauge the distance while playing and therefore knowing the suitable equipment to buy can be very tricky. The devices are the golf GPS watch and the Golf Laser Rangefinder. So the question is golf GPS versus golf Rangefinder which is the best?

Golf GPS Watch

A golf GPS watch is a device designed to be used with other applications like the smartphones and is used to aid the player to measure accurately the distance he or she hits the golf ball to a particular spot.

Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinder is a device that is used in golf game to help the player to determine and accurately measure the distance to a given point on the golf course.

Let’s view the comparison between laser rangefinder and golf GPS watch.

The distance

Both devices are required so as to measure the distance. When it comes to the golf rangefinder, the device measures the distance by using positioning system that uses a satellite. While for a GPS watch can gauge the distance of the golf course in yards of the target from the player. Therefore you have to have a GPS of sound quality to be able to measure many yards.


Price is another factor that is used by the players to determine the best device to buy. When we talk about the golf GPS watch, there are so many brands in the market, and you can easily find a good watch at a low price. Also, there are some GPS applications that you can find in a Smartphone and are free as well. With a golf rangefinder unlike the GPS watch is a device that cannot be found in other applications. Therefore, it is a device that you have to purchase so as to use it and is expensive.


The accuracy of measured distance is another factor that is employed in selecting the two devices. A laser rangefinder is known to measure the distance accurately by aiming at the target with a laser wave whereby in return it receives a ray reflection from the targeted point. Also, there is a part called velocity in the device which helps the player to detect and find the distance. Therefore when it comes to accuracy rangefinder is more accurate. With GPS device it is not too accurate as it measures according to yards whereby in case you buy a low-quality golf GPS you will not be able to measure many yards.

Usage benefits

A rangefinder is a small device that you have to carry around and hold it in your hand as well when using it to measure. This is because it requires you to hold it so as to aim at your target so you can be able to read the distance from any angle. For the golf GPS, it can either be made to be held with a hand, clip on the belt or even inform of a wrist watch. Some of the GPS consist of more than 100 golf courses which are useful when playing in a field that has several golf courses as you will not and to aim because the distances are easily located. Therefore for usage benefits of the two devices are determined by the field you are playing in.

The difference between rangefinder and golf GPS regarding their benefits.

Golf GPS Watch 

golf gps

1GPS watch is capable of measuring distance in various golf courses at the same time because it is preloaded with golf courses.

​2.This device is capable of sharing a phone for some statistical tracking.

​3.Also apart from using the GPS watches in golf courses, you can also use it in other activities like to measure the calories you are burning when working out.

​4.Some GPS devices are designed to give audio results such that you don’t have to look at the screen to read the distance instead it is announced. Therefore you don’t get distracted when playing.

Golf Rangefinder 

TONOR 650 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder

1.As we discussed above rangefinder follows a systematic process when measuring the distance and therefore you are guaranteed of complete accuracy than GPS watch.

2.Some rangefinders are designed such that they can be able to measure the distance even in the slop areas.

​3.Unlike GPS watch which has to be used with other applications, the range finder can be employed in any golf course as it does not require any downloads.

​4.A rangefinder of excellent quality can last for an extended period so long it is taken care of.

Disadvantages of the Rangefinder.

  • A majority of rangefinders are not usable in areas that are vertically situated meaning you only use them in a straight distance.
  • Rangefinders cannot be used with other applications such as smartphones since they cannot be synced.
  • ​Rangefinders are sensitive and bulky you have to carry them in your golf bag so as to protect them from getting damaged, unlike GPS watch which you can clip on your belt or wear it as a watch.
  • For you to use the device, the field has to be clear so it can be able to focus and capture.
  • Also, golf rangefinder requires your hands to be steady so you can be able to have a precise and accurate measure. Therefore even if the device is viewed to be exact, the user plays a significant role in ensuring that you get accurate results.

Disadvantages of GPS watch.

  • Ones the golf course changes the map, the same has to be updated on the manufacturer's database failure to this may lead to you getting inaccurate distance readings.
  • The golf GPS requires being frequently recharged, unlike rangefinder which you don’t need to recharge to use it.
  • ​If you purchase a GPS that does not have a golf course map you will have to download it which sometimes can be frustrating.
  • Unlike the rangefinder, golf GPS devices are not entirely accurate, and sometimes it may give you incorrect results.


Both of the devices have useful; they have advantages and disadvantages as well. So what is required of you as the player is to select the one you believe will be suitable and convenient for you.

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