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Golf GPS Watches Vs Golf Rangefinders

Golf GPS Watches Vs Golf RangefindersA golf match is enjoyed by many people around the world. Some people love to watch it while others love to play and also to some the game is a career. Well, I would say this is the fairest game that you can play as it does not require a […]

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How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

How to Use a Golf RangefinderWhen most people think of golf equipment, they picture things like clubs, balls, and golf bags. However, one device that can also be extremely helpful while you’re out on the links is a rangefinder. Measuring distances is a critical part of the game as it allows you to know which […]

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5 Golf Tips for Beginners-Improve your golf skill

5 Golf Tips for Beginners-Improve your golf skillArnold Palmer once remarked on the game which made him a legend thusly: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Anyone that has ever picked up a club and played a few holes knows that Palmer was making an understatement. The basics of golf are fairly straightforward and […]

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How does a golf rangefinder work

Introduction Lots of golf players might be interested in asking the question: how does a golf rangefinder work? Lots of golf players are using rangefinders these days in order to get better when it comes to their driving distance and when it comes to precision. As long as golf players know what they’re doing, they’re really […]

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