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How To Build The Perfect Golf Practice Routine

What do Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus do to perfect their golfing skills? It is a no-brainer; building the right practice routine is the secret. After all, nobody has the entire day to practice golf, and when we get the time, make it worth. What are some of the tricks and tips that will perfect your gold practice routines? Read on!

Do Golf Routines Work?

Golf routines enable players to cover all aspects of the game progressively. It helps you understand the swing, short game, chipping, and putting drills that shape golfers into better players. Each practice routine builds into a system that improves and challenges the skills of the player.

How To Build The Perfect Golf Practice Routine Tips

Focus on specific targets

When practicing a full swing, it is essential to pick a specific target. Golf, being a target-based game, requires the player to send the ball to a particular point at the range. Sadly, most golfers swing away with no control over the ball. Every golfer’s agenda should be to send the ball to the targeted spot with every single swing. Besides creating confidence, it helps you win at the game.

Hurry Hurry Has No Blessings

Nothing is fast about a golf game. Take to your time during each practice session to enhance your skills. You better hit 30 shots in 30 minutes instead of fast and inaccurate 60 shots in the same time. Take your time to work on your swing mechanisms, and that cannot help when you are in the rapid-fire mode.

Distance and ball range types do not matter 

When you judge the distance across the course, it affects your performance. The distance of the course is different from what you can expect as you play. Your range balls might have a different feel and performance from your opponents. Therefore, you should not use the performance of your balls to equate the performance of the game.

Finding the swing

Grip, aim, and posture are determinants for a great swing. Do not over-complicate the learning process during the practice session. Do not focus on cramming each drill. Instead, ask your coach/instructor to give you some helpful tips for that specific swing. Practice the drills and stick to the plan. While at it, pay special attention to your target. Identify your target before each shot and change your spots often. Besides getting some exercise done, you get to learn something new about the game each time.

Focus on your weakness

Every golfer, especially amateurs, has certain golf weakness. For starters, identify your weak points as a player. For instance, are you having difficulties achieving that perfect swing? Work on improving with each practice session.

Have a practice routine template

You can develop a practice routine schedule based on your preferences. For instance, for the first two weeks, you can work on your putting skills. Keep pushing the limits as you progress.
Also, develop a schedule for the chipping and pitching skills depending on whatever skill level you wish to achieve. Consult your trainer and seek guidance on the winning tips for the different tasks. It is important to customize your plans to suit your training needs.

Here is a simple sample of a training routine in an hour daily:

Spend 10-20 minutes learning the basics of gripping, alignment, and posture. Your alignment stick or golf club should be placed on the ground

Pay special attention to one area of weakness. Do a skills game to help improve the weakness within the training session. You can incorporate other golf skills that you think needs to be improved.

Practicing like a pro

What sets the professional golfers apart from the rest? First, it all boils down to their routine practices. The seasoned players always put the ball directly behind the divot. It makes it easy for them to hit the ball focus directly on the targeted spot. Secondly, remove any turf (however small) from your range. If you did not know, pros only take shallow divots.

The right posture

Every golfer knows the importance of attaining the proper position while making a swinging. Any wrong posture distorts the body alignment. What is the correct posture then? For starters, your stance should be square to the target line. The player’s alignment should be along their heels and not the toes. When you flare on one foot, you will not lose your alignment.

Measuring your success level

How do you know that you are improving your skills as a golfer? For starters, always have a score for any skills game. Also, keep tabs of any improvements, however small they might appear. Lastly, have a short game, about an hour, for game practice and implement all the lessons learned. If possible, play with the seasoned players who will share some insights on the game.

Putting your golf practice routine into action

Create time and actualize your routine. You can start with 10 minutes for simple tasks before doing the complex ones. While at it, work on your weaknesses. You can create a mock golf club putting green or do it in an actual course. 

The mock drill helps you keep to the basics and possibly a score. Seek the professional opinion of a coach/instructor that will help you minimize common mistakes. Focus on shots that you may wish to improve, and you will be amazed at the progress you are making.

It is important to understand that golf is a slow game that requires patience. An hour of daily practice while focusing on your weakness helps hones your golfing techniques. It also builds your skill level which makes challenging games even more exciting. 


Different golfers have different practice routines that work best for them. The habits develop over time. As a beginner, find out what routine works for you, drop whatever that does not work, and fine-tune a routine that actualizes your desired results.

We hope the tutorial above will help beginners and other golf players to improve their skill. Golf is a game that requires patience to master the skills that will make you a pro like Tiger Woods. Get the right swing, focus on the targets, take your time, and you will be a step ahead with each practice session.

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