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Each and every played game across the world has its common injuries. Talk of tennis, it has elbow injury has its common injury, as if not enough cricket also has hamstring has an injury. Moreover, golf game is one renowned game to be associated with a number of regular injuries; this is all because golf involves sudden culmination and abrupt rush which consequently results to strains in one’s body.

Research indicates that if you are casual golfer you tend to be subjected to many injuries since at this situation your body is engaged in more awkward swings and numberless incorrect postures which can greatly injury your muscles. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the 10 common golf injuries and their remedies that each and every one should be where of and some of the best ways to overcome them.

10 Common golf injuries and their remedies:

Injuries of the wrist

Any qualified golfer knows that golf is a game that should be played with a lot of caution. Although the game might be thrilling, but involves numerous repetitive actions which might be very dangerous in as much as the wrist is concerned. Golf is commonly known to be advocating for severe wrist pains and mostly these pains are caused by repeatedly stressing the golf club swing.

These results to collision of the wrist bones which brings about tenderness that brings the pain. The injury can be overcome by ensuring that your back swing is adjusted correctly so that it can allow maximum wrist extension which will consequently keep the wrist safe and sound.

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Back pains

The back is actually one body part that is highly vulnerable in as much as your favorite game golf is concerned. It’s on record that, what the action of repeatedly and consistently swinging the golf club does to your back is actually more than what some renowned wrestlers does to their opponents in the rings. Therefore, make sure you learn some important aspects from a professional before engaging in the game. However, the injury can be overcome by ensuring that you squat with your knees when picking your golf bag or golf balls. Additionally, ensure that your swing mechanics are done appropriately.


Injuries of the knee

The knee is one casualty that get hurt when inappropriate movements and bending of the knees is done. This usually happens when one is doing some swing movements which influence one’s force of swing and sadly bonds your knee as a result your weight. This injury is normally recurrent and mostly causes more and severe damages more than the expected abrupt effect. The remedy for this type of injury is ensuring that your knees rests in between shots when playing golf. Additionally, for professionalism, make sure you make good use of knee braces which will add you extra support.

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Tennis elbow

This injury normally involves inflammation of outer tendon elbows. This injury will hurt you severely as a golfer if correct measures are not done. The injury is actually caused by improper swing and tendon strain. The injury can be overcome by allowing the healing of tendons and using ice therapy which minimizes pains. Also avoid gripping your golf club too hard which is very important in protecting your elbow.

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Injuries of the neck

Neck-twisting is one common thing when playing golf. Neck injuries are normally caused when one swings and takes a look at the distance that your golf ball has gone. This greatly leads to freezing of muscles and formation of spams. This can be overcome by ensuring that regular shoulder and neck exercises are done routinely.

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Sun Burns

This is one injury that usually creeps over before you have actually realized it. The injury is normally caused by aims of doing long rounds as a golfer. Long rounds are usually not the best for your tanning. The injury can be overcome by ensuring that you apply sunscreen before leaving your clubhouse. It should be applied 20 minutes just before you get out of the clubhouse.

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Hip injury

Your hip normally very significant when playing golf. During the game play your hips are normally pivoted the golf shot. Inappropriate precise movement can actually greatly affects your hip muscle with a combination of brutal stress. The remedy for the injury is ensuring thorough training, resting periods and warmups.

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Foot and sole injury

Walking for long time in the enormous golf clubhouse is good enough to cause you foot and sole injury. Your weight too is very important since it modulates the golf swing that greatly depends on your feet. This problem is usually caused by inappropriate foot wear. The injury can be overcome by ensuring that you wear the right foot wear.

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Hand and finger injuries

The injury is usually caused by a lot of pressure that is exerted when on grips the golf club. The swing can actually cause sufficient injury to your hands and fingers if not properly done. The injury can be prevented by one ensuring that the golfer takes frequent rest periods at the time of the game.

Rotator Cuff

This injury is caused by a swift movements of the involved golf club. Additionally, it can also be caused by one hitting an obstacle. The injury can be treated through surgery or by anti-inflammatory agents. One way you can avoid this ensuring that your swing is conditioned and optimally using your energy.

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