7 Avoidable disc golf mistakes you are making that will ruin your game

7 Avoidable disc golf mistakes you are making that will ruin your game

Every game has its dark side. There are always those mistakes that player do with or without knowing. Disc golf is not different from other games. There are mistakes that players make whether they are professionals or beginners. But being new in a game is not a guarantee to commit blunders. Practice and practice is the best way to become a golfing expert. While golfing as a game can be tricky, you can still become a professional if you focus on getting better. Although these mistakes are obvious, you can improve your game by avoiding them. Read our informative piece below and improve your game.

Avoid these 7 mistakes in your disc golf game

1. Tense Throws 

It is evident that tense throws do not go far. The reason is that when you are anxious, the muscles get stiff as well causing them to move less fast. Tenses muscles make aiming somewhat hard. You can avoid tense throws by being relaxed since this will make your arm or tissues to be relaxed. This will, in turn, cause the arm to create a smooth throw. A relaxed and smooth throw can help to improve the disc distance. 

Whether you are an experienced disc golf player or a beginner, you can attain smooth throws through regular practice. It is necessary to keep in mind that idea here is to hit the disc fast and not hard. This way you will find yourself relaxed and aim for the better. 

2. Sacrificing accuracy for power 

It is common for players to sacrifice accuracy over power. This is because many of disc golf player believe that toss a disc far-off could recompense for not throwing it in the right course. It is crucial to choose to throw at the correct location of the fairway. When it comes to distance, accuracy wins over it. In disc golf, accuracy is vital than range as compared to the conventional game. When driving, it is necessary not to forgo accuracy for additional power. Although powerful throws can reach far and close to the green, more regulated throws are considered. 

3. Attempting unrealistic throws 

Some disc golf players endeavor to throw across or above hazards like trees and lakes. It is never worth it to throw further than those types of obstructions. In case of obstacles or trees, you should throw the disc around them. If you attempt to throw at such obstructions, the golf disc is likely to get stuck and lose distance. Not only that, but it will be very difficult to throw the disc if it gets stuck on in an incline. This is because of the rough footing. Trying to throw further than you can make you put more power in your throw which in turn causes the shots to be poorly aimed. 

4. Running faster before a throw 

There is a common misconception that you require a run-up to gain speed. This can be through but maybe when you are a beginner. However, as you gain experience, such run-ups can create more power. Apparently, most players run fast before making a throw and release the golf disc. This is one of the big mistakes golf disc players. The disc throw power does not come from the legs but the movements of the shoulders and hips. If you are interested in effective techniques of throwing, you need to avoid performing comprehensively unrealistic run-ups, ahead of a throw. As an alternative, you should focus more on enhancing the movement of your shoulders and hips when throwing. The point is that you should not do run-ups but instead do walkthroughs. 

5. The wrong angle aiming 

Aiming at a wrong angle by most golf disc player is another common mistake. Aim the disc just as it is thrown to make use of the landing point and distance. The angle of the disc will influence its successful landing in that region it was thrown at. Aiming at a wrong angle may cause the disc not to hit the target point. Throwing at a right angle can help you at getting accuracy. If you throw the disc at a high angle, it will fly shorter distances. 

6. Not optimizing angle movement 

It is common for players not to make use of the mobility of their arms when throwing the disc. It is imperative that you make every effort to lead your throw using your elbow. Although others try to influence the throw using their hands, you should use the elbow first. Such type of throw will create more pace in the throw as the wrist will snap onward when the arm has finished the curve of its throw. Always ensure you check your elbow position when throwing if you want to maximize your throw movement. 

7. Excessively tight grip 

A firm hold on the disc is the best thing to do. But gripping too tight can make the throw to be terrible. You can start the evaluation of a throw by examining the grip on the disc. A tight hold will cause your wrist to be too tense. And as we said earlier, your wrist needs to be relaxed. A stiff wrist can also cause the disc’s throw to be off. If you need to improve your throw, you should ensure that you test the grip for tightness. Additionally, you can attain comfortable gripping by holding the disc comfortably without letting it fall out or being pulled out quickly. 


Perhaps you have been playing the game for a long time, and you do not have accuracy. It could be because you are sacrificing accuracy for power. Fixing your mistakes is not a hard task. All you have to do is identify the areas you are weak during a throw and work on them during every disc throw. You will realize that in no time you have improved in those areas, and you are the expert. Always keep in mind that smooth is far and focus on making use of the landing point and distance.

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