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Top 5 Excellent Core Exercises For Golfers

Strengthening your core is very important if you want to be a successful golfer. To succeed in golfing you must invest your time in training doing a lot of core exercises. You need a substantial swing to enable you to have the power to blast the drives like the most successful golfers in the world. The strong core transfers the power from your hips to the arms and the entire upper body. The ability enables you to fuel your swing and eventually make a superb performance. There are excellent core exercises that you need to be a great golfer.

What are the top five core exercises you need to be a successful golfer?

If you have a dream of becoming a great golfer in the world you have to do proper core exercises consistently and be patient. Here are top core exercises that will elevate you into a successful golfer;

1. Paloff Press

This core exercise target in improving your strength and flexibility that you need while playing golf as well as preventing you from lower back injuries. Paloff Press increases your rotation and swing power when playing and if you play golf, you understand what that means in this game. 

Kneel down while facing the cable machine perpendicularly. Make sure the handle levels your chest height to get the best impact of the exercise. Squeeze your core, glutes and let the shoulders relax. Push your arms out and hold your finish for some few seconds and repeat the exercise. The more times you do it, the more your core gains strength for active playing. Including the practice in your daily training schedule will be a perfect way of improving your game performance.

2. Rollouts 

In case you are looking forward to achieving long distance and consistency while playing this is the core exercise for you. The rollouts work perfectly in increasing your abs strong and get the power you need for succeeding in this game. Rollouts can be hard to do when starting but your body will get used with time, and from there the exercise will become normal.

Kneel and place your arms straight on the stability ball. Keep your body straight as you push the hips forward severally form the head to the toes as you aim to touch the ball with your nose and push the body back. Do the exercise as many times as you can and make sure you feel the pain since it’s the indicator that you are gaining something from what you are doing. For a start do like ten times relax for ten seconds and resume the exercise.

3. Stir the Pot

This core exercise helps eliminate the back pain and at the same time help you build a sexy and strong core enhancing the body speed and power. You might have experienced the back pains after playing golf due to the swings, if you have such problem then stir the pot exercise offers a permanent solution. Get a professional trainer to help you in case you are facing some challenges in executing the training.

Get the stability ball and hold it with your arms and spread the legs to ensure your toes only support them. Keep the body straight like a person doing press ups and at that position try to rotate the arms clockwise and one after the other. Make sure you maintain your body position on the stability ball as you do the exercise. You can ask for assistance from your trainer you have any difficulties doing the exercise. Repeat the exercise severally and if possible make it as routine on your training schedule for better results.

4. Side Plank

Another essential core exercise that every golf player should consider including on the daily training routine is the side plank. You need the practice since it strengthens the core together with improving your body balance and correct any weaknesses that may be present in the hips and torso. Side plank will also help eliminate the back pains and make it resistant to future pains that you might develop while playing. 

Lie down sideways with your elbow supporting you directly below your shoulder as you keep the abs tight. Lift the hips for your and aim to make a straight line from the toe to the head and your body at that position for a while. You can give yourself a holding target of thirty seconds for a start and increase the mark with time. Try to swing your body up and down while at that position at least twenty times for a start and increaser on a daily basis to achieve your goals.

5. Tall Kneeling Cable Chop

For any golfer, cable chops are essential when it comes to training no matter the level of the player. This exercise will help you achieve the success you wish to have while golfing since it strengthens your upper body and gives your arms the power you need to excel in the field. You will feel comfortable on the field while making the swings and eventually you will realize longer distances than you have been doing before.

Get down on your knees and face the cable machine directly and ensure the cable bar or the handle is above your head at a distance your hands can comfortably reach. Now squeeze your core and glutes as you relax the shoulders then pull the cable handle downwards as you keep your upper body upright. After pulling the cable bar down, make sure you keep your body straight and at the same position while doing the exercise to avoid injuries. Repeat the exercise severally and consider including it in your training routine since it will help you to improve your golfing performance. 


We believe that you have enjoyed reading and understanding the top core exercises that you need as a golfer to improve your gaming performance. The core exercises will help you a lot if you remain consistency in doing them and if possible consider including them in your daily training schedule. In case your coach does not understand, refer him to this tutorial to get to know the importance of exercises in golf. We value your feedback hence don’t forget to leave your comment below after reading our article. 

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